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How to Bathe a Dog With the Mange

Mange is a canine skin condition that causes loss of fur and severe irritation to the animal. There are three types of mange. The most common---demodectic mange, or "red mange"---results in the dog losing fur in patches. Medicated "dips" are a particularly effective treatment for mange, yet dips wor

How to House Train a Puppy in the Snow

Many puppy owners are faced with the dilemma of housebreaking their new companions during the cold and snowy winter months. Puppies can be susceptible to cold and may easily become chilled or even lost if they are not properly cared for in the snowdrifts and chilly temperatures. However, it is possi

How Can I Train My Boxer Dog to Hunt?

The gentle nature and flashy looks of the boxer have made them one of the most popular large dog breeds. According to the American Kennel Club, the boxer has ranked in the top 10 registered breeds for the last 10 years. Boxers were originally bred to hunt down and hold small game, and these instinct

How to Achieve a No Kill Nation

A goal that many people don't realize is achievable--is a No Kill Nation for pets. Approximately 4 million dogs and cats are killed in U.S. shelters each year--but with more education and effort--it can stop. Here are some ways you can contribute to the No Kill equation.

How to Care for a Pekingese Maltese Puppy

Pekingese-Maltese are considered designer hybrid dogs. This means that they are the product of a purebred Pekingese and a purebred Maltese. Although there is no definitive information guide for this particular hybrid, this dog is a combination of both the Pekingese and the Maltese, so concentratin

Lethal Medications for Dogs

Household medications can be toxic if ingested by dogs.dog image by Michal Tudek from Fotolia.comAccording to the ASPCA, human medications were at the top of their list of top ten household poisons in 2009. Dogs often suffer poisoning after eating medications that were dropped on the...

Basset Hound- Its History and Origin

Basset hounds are supposedly named from the French word 'BAS' meaning low or dwarfed. This was mainly used in reference to the low slung body feature of the hound. Basset Hound is such a breed that it was rarely known to many dog lovers even few decades back, in spite of it being popular i

How to Sew a Dog Kennel Cover

Dog kennels, or crates, are not only a useful tool in keeping dogs under control, they can also serve as a bed and a "house" for the dog. Because of this, it is important that the dog is comfortable in the crate. A kennel cover goes a long way in making the dog feel more comfortable. The cover not o

Important Information About Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise is a favorite among most dog lovers. It's a very small dog of the Bichon type with its weight between 5-10 kg and its height ranging from 23-30 cm. The best part about Bichon Frise is its soft and white outer coat which is loved by one and all.

Dog Jewelry - Good and Bad

Humans love adorning themselves with fanciful jewelry.They trot around with their "bling-bling" items and know that every eye is on them.This may be the reason why dogs mimic their masters and are now enjoying the same "bling-bling" items on their bodies.It seems that dogs are no

High Quality Dog Food

Every dog lover would like to feed their dog the best dog food. However, there is an overwhelming number of dog food products on the market. We are not even sure if the information provided on the labels as to the nutrition they provide are right. The dog food that has the highest quality is real fo

Innotek Dog Training Collars

Once you have decided on using dog training collars and have checked its legality in your locality, the next thing to decide on is the brand to buy. There are many brands of dog collars used for training. Innotek dog training collars are popular for several reasons.

The Untold Secrets to Getting Rid of Urinary Tract Infections in Dogs

Don't you just hate it when your dog gets urinary tract infections? Many dogs, particularly females, suffer from recurring urinary tract infections. Not only can they be uncomfortable and painful for your dog, they can also cause your dog to urinate in different parts of your house. What's

How to Tell If Your Dog Can Use A Dog Wheelchair

An older dog or one with mobility problems still needs daily exercise, and a dog wheelchair may be the solution to helping your pet continue to enjoy its walks outdoors. In the past, a dog that was unable to walk was commonly euthanized when the pet owner felt its quality of life was compromised. Si

Hair Loss on the Snout of a Dog

There are many reasons why a dog or puppy would lose hair on its snout, or nose. Unless the dog is of a hairless breed, such as the Chinese Crested, sudden or even gradual hair loss on the nose of a dog is a bad sign. The dog should be taken to a vet to determine if the hair loss is part of a more

Dog Obedience Training - 4 Free Tips When Dog Training at Home

Training your dog at home is a great way to save time and money.By teaching your puppy basic dog obedience at home, you can avoid the time and cost involved in private dog training or obedience schools.Here are 4 free dog training tips to use in your home training adventure.

What Is the Difference Between a Schnauzer and a Scottish Terrier?

Schnauzers and the Scottish terriers are two different dog breeds, and their differences are primarily in size, facial features and color pattern. Normally, both breeds are groomed in a somewhat similar fashion, and have a wiry hair texture, but differences in the muzzle and skirt are quickly recog