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How to Hang a Wine Rack

With the interest growing in wine today, more people are buying wine to keep at home instead of buying a glass or bottle at their favorite restaurant. Hanging wine racks are a great space saver and keep your favorite vintages at your fingertips. You don't need to have a stranger come into your home

How to Remove Window Decorations

Window decorations can range in size and style, but all are designed to adhere firmly to the window and last throughout the time period you wish to keep the window decorations on display. This means the adhesive must be strong and sticky, making it an issue when the decorations need to be removed.

How to Flatten High Gloss Enamel

If you like the color of the paint you've chosen for a decorating project, but discover it's too glossy when it dries, don't despair. As long as the paint you just bought isn't a custom color and you used only a tiny bit, most paint and home stores will be glad to swap it for another level of sheen.

How to Build Custom Bookshelves

Bookshelves have steadily become more popular pieces of furniture to have within a home. Reading is a common pastime, and many people find it soothing to kick back with a nice book after a long day at work. Over one hundred thousand books are published on an annual basis, which makes proper storage

How to Paint With Foam Brushes

Foam brushes make controlling where the paint goes easier than normal bristle brushes. Foam brushes also eliminate a lot of the brush-stroke look that appears when a corner or piece of molding is painted. There is no one set method on how to use a foam brush, however there is one sure-fire method fo

Unusual Curtain Ideas

Your curtains can be "normal," too--but with a broom or branch as a curtain rod.through the curtains image by Gina Smith from Fotolia.comThe curtains covering the windows in your home help tell the story of your family. The perception of how people live is reflected in the decorations...

Ideas for Hanging Shells on a Wall

After a trip to the beach or a summer vacation, you may find yourself with a large number of souvenir shells. If you're a collector, you may simply want a way to arrange those shells around your house. Instead of tucking the shells away in a drawer or a wicker basket, display the shells on your wall

1970s Home Decorating Ideas

Psychedelic designs are one element of 1970s decor.Electric Dreams image by darren fisher from Fotolia.comThe style from the 1970s is one way to include retro elements in your home décor. The decorating style of the '70s includes funky psychedelic designs and bold, bright colors...

Domain Name Services

If you are going to have a web presence, it is important that you register your own domain name. Free blogging and website services are starting to crack down on users, and may delete your ...

How to Give Barn Siding a Weathered Look

Old barns have a timeless appeal, much of which is due to the weathered beauty of old barn boards. Whether painted and then abused by the weather or left to turn gray in the sun and the rain, barn boards only really look right once they've been in place a while. Unfortunately, weathered barn siding

How to Hide a Door in a Room

Whether you have a door that leads to nowhere or a closet you hardly ever access, you may wish to obstruct its view. An unattractive door can be a distraction in a room, keeping you from enjoying the space the way you want to. Hide the door using one of several potential methods, based on your budge

Easy Rain Gauges to Make

Building your own rain gauge is an easy and inexpensive do-it-yourself project. In addition to the satisfaction of undertaking a do-it-yourself project and saving expenses, your yard or garden will gain a useful measuring instrument. Here's how to make and install your own rain gauge.

How to Decorate a Room With a Quilt on the Bed

There are many styles to decorate bedrooms, ranging from elaborate Victorian to sleek modern. For homeowners who prefer a simplistic decor for their bedrooms, primitive country decorating themes incorporate early American elements, such as patchwork quilts and vintage antiques, into a warm and invit