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Rhode Island Estate Tax Laws for 2015

If you live in Rhode Island or own property there, then you need to know that it is one of a handful of U.S. states that still collects a state death tax. The estates of Rhode Island residents and certain nonresidents are subject to a state death tax in 2015 under the guidelines listed here.

California Probate Lawyer - Tips for Inheritance Asset Protection

While hiring a California probate lawyer isn't a legal necessity, it is a smart decision for residents of the Golden State. California has some of the most complex and stringent probate laws in the country and few people can undergo the process without legal assistance.

How to Obtain a FCC Class III Radio Telephone License

The "Third Class Radiotelephone Operator Permit" was a commercial license issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). It allowed operators to operate, maintain and repair both radio and telephone transmitters. As of 2010, it is no longer offered. Instead, you must apply for one of two sim

Illinois Estate Laws for Half Brothers

When someone dies in Illinois, his estate will be distributed to his family either according to his will or to the Illinois Probate Act. The Illinois Probate Act of 1975 is located in the Illinois Compiled Statutes, 775 ILCS 5 Section 2-1. It governs how an estate is distributed when a...

Preparing A Will Should Really Be Compulsory

Previously, there's been much debate as well as discrediting of "D.I.Y." will kits, when in fact, the segments and conditions they include, are basically the same templates that an attorney uses in their office. Therefore a basic will can be done by an individual, and really should ha

How to Find 302 Redirects

A 302 redirect usually is implemented on a Web page that needs to temporarily redirect users to another Web page while maintaining the original address. The redirected address usually displayed on the address bar is saved by the browser as the main address. The 302 redirect is implemented using a .h

How to Find Your Friend in Jail

Life takes its twists and turns. You may be faced with the situation of a friend being in jail. A multitude of resources are available to you -- around the clock -- in locating your jailed friend.

How to Find Silverfish Bugs

A single silverfish bug can lay more than 200 eggs in each clutch. These silver-colored insects invade homes to eat books, clothing, flour and other dry goods. During their three-year lifespan, silverfish destroy possessions and contaminate food supplies in warm, moist areas where they can thrive a

How to Contest a Last Will & Testament

A last will and testament is a legal document in which an individual (the testator) chooses whom he will assign his assets to after his death. Normally, if this was done in the correct legal manner in the state where it was created, it cannot be easily disputed. However, there are circumstances unde

How to Create a Will in Ireland

In Ireland, as in the United States, a will is a legal document that indicates how a testator (a person who makes a will) wants to leave her estate after death. You can make as many wills as you want; however, only the last legal will made before your death is valid. There are specific laws that mus

Definition of a California Grant Deed

A grant deed is necessary when the owner of property wishes to grant all rights of her property to someone else. There are many steps to take when filing a grant deed, so it is important to know the requirements beforehand. These facts are based on California law, but may differ based on county requ

Trust Administration Law

The laws of each state have specific requirements that a trustee must adhere to when administering trusts for individuals. These requirements include the duties of the trustee and the remedies available if the trustee breaches those duties.

California Estate & Inheritance Law

The California Probate Code establishes California's estate law and details how individuals may stand to inherit property. Those with specific questions about inheritance in California should consult an estate lawyer.

How to Create a Living Trust

How can you safeguard the wealth that you've earned and pass it onto your heirs? One way is to establish a living trust. This financialarrangement gives someone you choose legal title to your propertyduring your lifetime. This means he or she--not someone the statechooses--wi

Real Property Transfer Fee Interest Definition

A real property transfer fee interest is a future right in all lot sales in a subdivision retained by a developer. This right is retained by placing restrictions, called transfer fee covenants, on the sales. A number of states have banned these restrictions, and the August 16, 2010, publication of t

How to Do a Family Trust in New Mexico

Under New Mexico law, a family trust is created while a person is still alive to ensure that his assets are distributed in the way he wants. It also helps to avoid probate and estate taxes. A family trust allows you to distribute your assets while you're alive and after your death. This means if you

How to Print Wills

Wills determine to whom your money and belongings go after death. They can be created from scratch. Samples can be found online, in computer program templates or in books. Once deciding on a format, creating one in any text editor is simple. From there printing can take place. This can be done in a

How to Transfer a Home Deed

You have two primary options available to you if you need to transfer a home deed. A quitclaim deed is a simple deed form used when a home deed is transferred from one family to another or in a situation in which both parties have a preexisting relationship. A warranty deed, a more complicated instr

How to Copy Out-Of-Print Books for Educational Purposes

There are many occasions where a textbook or other learning primer might be out-of-print, but the instructor wants to use it in his class. Is it illegal to make copies of it? Yes and no. It's a bit more complicated than you might think.