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How to Tie a Hook Onto a Line

Anglers use many different knots, but several work particularly well for tying a fishhook to a fishing line. The improved clinch knot, the Palomar knot and the basic uni-knot are the most common knots anglers use to connect a hook to a line. The Palomar Knot is appropriate for heavy-duty fishing lin

Cooking Academy Hints

Cooking Academy is a computer game which allows players to try their hand at cooking. The point of the game is to complete all 50 recipes and become a Master Chef. Game play is split up between lessons and exams where players learn how to make a recipe and then are tested on the new knowledge. There

Description of a Seagrass Bed

Seagrass beds are underwater flower beds found in saltwater environments, like the oceans. There are a great variety of plants that comprise seagrass beds, with different plants being found in different areas of the world. These plants are totally submerged in water. They have characteristics of lan

How Do I Use Lights to Catch Fish?

Artificial light is a great tool to use for attracting large game fish. When an artificial light is submersed below the surface, it begins a natural food chain reaction. The light attracts plankton, which in turn attract small bait fish. Larger game fish soon congregate in the shadows awaiting an ea

How to Line a Downrigger Rod

Fishing with downriggers has become one of the most popular methods of fishing on the Great Lakes and is gaining in popularity in other deepwater lakes, as well as in saltwater fishing. Putting fishing line on a rod and reel you plan to use for downrigger fishing isn't complicated. It's similar to l

Flounder Fishing in Coastal North Carolina

North Carolina has the advantage of being the only state to support two distinct varieties of flounder: summer flounder and Northern flounder. The state's Division of Marine Fisheries has had to develop two management strategies to address this.

What Is the Trick to Keeping Poinsettias Alive?

Few things say Christmas quite like poinsettias. Their majestic green and red foliage and tiny yellow flowers have made them a holiday icon. Unfortunately, many holiday revelers find that the end of the holidays takes their poinsettia blooms along with their Christmas spirit. Poinsettias don't hav

How to Use a Live Cage Trap for Squirrels

People live-trap squirrels for a variety of reasons. Squirrels can become a nuisance when they hang around people's houses and grab food that's stored in the garage, or when they eat food from bird feeders. Some people also like to trap squirrels for sport and then kill them and eat them. Whatever t

Tips - Saltwater Fishing Tackle

What is a saltwater fishing front?A saltwater fishing tackle is the equipment used to catch fish in the sea. The train is essential to the fishermen who operate commercially and by anglers' sport. " The ...

How to Get Lures in Sega Bass Fishing for a Wii

Sega Bass Fishing replicates the arcade fishing experience for owners of Nintendo's Wii gaming console. Players may fish the lakes of five different tournaments searching for the largest bass and game fish to be found in the murky waters. Different lures become available in the game and using thes

How to Saltwater Fish in Texas

Saltwater fishing is something that may not be available to you depending on where you live. Texas is one place, though, where you can enjoy saltwater fishing in several different spots. When planning a trip to Texas for saltwater fishing, the easiest way to ensure that you are successful is to take

Life History of a Snapping Turtle

Snapping turtles look ferocious, but they aren't as aggressive as people think they are. If cut off from water and cornered, they will defend themselves by lunging with open jaws, but they don't usually bite. They do not attack people in the water.

Javelina Hunting in Texas

Javelina are similar to wild hogs but are smaller and less destructive. Javelina like the dry areas of southern Texas, but they can be found throughout the state. Much of Texas is privately owned, but a lot of farmers lease their land for hunting.

How to Tie Flies Step-by-Step

Fly fishing is considered the erudite cousin to bait fishing. One of the aspects of fly fishing that many anglers enjoy is tying their own flies. Fly tying lets you customize the flies used for your river or region, conditions, season and species sought. Fly tying also keeps you active with the spor

How to Cast a Spinner Pole

Whether for sport, recreation or survival, fishing is a common practice among many cultures around the world. Some fishermen use a spinner fishing pole, defined as a pole with a spinner reel. The spinner pole is gaining popularity as the pole of choice for fishermen because it is considered easy to

Food for Rainbow Fin Sharks

To ensure a healthy and long life, you must care for your rainbow fin sharks properly. Part of their care is feeding them appropriate food. Fortunately, rainbow fin sharks tend not to be picky eaters. They are considered herbivores, but they will eat a variety of foods. Because they are not picky ea

Casting a Fishing Pole in Motion

The motion that fishermen use while casting their fishing poles is key because it relates directly to how far they are able to cast their lures. Whether they fish with bait-casting equipment or spinning equipment – those are the two most common types of fishing rods – the motion required

How to Use Salmon Fishing Lures

Salmon fishing is widely popular, but catching salmon can be tricky for the inexperienced. Knowing what lure to use for your specific location can make a major difference in the amount of salmon caught. Salmon are attracted to movement that resembles that of live fish, so any lure chosen should move