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Camping - A Form of Accommodation

That was actually the easy part, the decision that is. Being an experienced business person and an "old soldier" who has spent many a night under the stars, dear Dad was fully aware that the more effort put into planning, the more enjoyable the experience would be for everyone.

3 Way Fridge - RV Cooling

Many recreational vehicles contain a 3 way fridge to allow their owners to keep their perishables refrigerated. These 3 way fridges provide one of the luxuries of a stick built home to the RV owner. However, these fridges do not work quite the same as a standard kitchen fridge freezer. I will briefl

Caravan Awnings - Ensuring a Happy Holiday

For those rare times when you are able to pack up the family and go on a camping trip, you don't want it to be wasted due to bad weather. One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to get a decent awning for your caravan.

Places to Camp at the Beach in North Carolina

The state parks and national seashores along North Carolina's coast offer a number of camping options either right on or right near the beach. To find the right one, would-be beach campers should take into account the location and facilities of each, as well as the time of year they plan to go.

How to Camp in Oregon at the Lava Beds

Home to the biggest concentration of lava tube caves in North America, Lava Beds National Monument was established in 1925 and encompasses over 46,000 acres. Campers will enjoy exploring the unique landscape with miles of trails and lava tube caves. The campground is full service and can accommodate

Excursion to Sinharaja Tropical Rain Forest

An excursion through a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the major eco-tourism destinations in Sri Lanka will be a dream for most of the adventure tourists and nature lovers. Sinharaja rain forest is the last remainder of Sri Lanka's tropical lowland rainforest which spans an area of 18,900

A Checklist for the First Time Camper

Camping is exciting for a first time camper, but it can be a little overwhelming if you are not sure what you'll need. Instead of packing up the entire house to take along, follow a camper's checklist and you will have everything you need. You can leave at home unnecessary items that would just wast

Problems With Lance Campers

Lance Camper produces a line of travel and truck campers. The campers come in a variety of sizes and configurations, running in size from 16 to 27 feet, with some models offering side "slide outs" to increase the living space of the trailer. As with most manufactured products, Lance Camper models ha

How to Choose the Best Backpacking Stove

People who are active hikers know the importance of planning rightly for their trip. One of your primary concerns at the time of planning should be to choose the camping equipments and gears rightly. Your luggage must be a light weight one and so, it is very important that you select a backpacking s

All you need to know in trailers

Trailers are used to carry the motor cycles and generally the trailers may be of open or enclosed type and it is designed to haul the vehicles. When you buy the trailers for sale, you should be aware

Double Sleeping Bags

Camping is an activity that appeals to people across age, gender, demographics and other social category you can think of. For the recreational camper, comfort is among the top criteria when selecting what you will be sleeping in. After an entire day of hiking and other camping activities, you are g

Keeping The Bugs At Bay On Your Camping Trip - Discover The Top Bug Tips

As I am sure you aware that if you go camping you are open to all sorts of creepy crawlies. If you cannot withstand bugs in any form then camping is probably not for you in the first place. The good news is that the majority of bugs will not do any lasting damage to you.

Camping in the Lakes - The Ultimate Guide

If you're heading off camping in the Lakes at any time this year, read my essential guide before you go. It's simple... but covers the essentials you need to do before and during your camping holiday in the Lakes!