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How to Buy General Motors Stock

Before you set your sights on buying GM stock or the stock of any company, you must take an objective look at your motives and your goals. If you are looking to test the buy-low-sell-high stock theory, or think rumored mergers will turn GM's stock around, stop before you write that first check. Firs

Best Growth Mutual Funds

If you take the time out and know more about growth mutual funds, you will realize that you need to budget your money effectively to break even. You can access the cash simply when you need it but you have to spend less than what you originally planned in order for you to save.

How to Choose the Best Place to Invest Your Money

We all know how important it is to save and invest for the future in this age of financial uncertainty. But for many people the chief challenge is choosing the right investments. Not all investment vehicles are suitable for all investors and choosing the right mix of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and

8 Secret Keywords to Evaluate Any Stock Trading Internet Products

On the way to investigate many stock trading systems, I discover one simple way to find hidden facts about these products. By looking for 8 keywords in the disclaimer section, one can uncover some serious contradiction. It is your turn to evaluate these stock trading internet products yourself.

Buying Stocks in Bankruptcy

When a company enters bankruptcy, its stock price can fall to mere pennies in a short amount of time. Those super low stock prices often attract the attention of speculators and bargain hunters hoping for a recovery and subsequent boost in the stock price. Even though it is technically possible to m

Hot Stocks Tips

Traders often don't know if a stock market tip is worth investing in or not. While they may trust the source of the tip, usually a friend or family member, they wonder how much to risk and when to sell. Unfortunately, stock tips do not include follow-up tips that tell you when to sell.

Point and Figure Charting Tutorial For Newbie Stock Traders

A bear trap is really a triple bottom breakdown which is then followed by a reversal after just one box is made in the triple bottom breakdown. A double bottom is comparable, however in reverse. Just lately though, as traders try to find better ways to pick stocks, Point and Figure charting has been

Tips And Principles Of Trading For The Average Investor

Whether you're getting into the stock market for the first time, or have been a seasoned investor for years, the market can be a tough place to entrust your money. Many people have made and lost fortunes on the market, often far greater than the level of investment that you've placed into

How to Buy International Stocks

You do not need to open a foreign brokerage account to invest in many foreign or international companies. Some knowledge and research will allow you to own stock in these companies using your regular brokerage account.

Who Sets Up Preferred Stock Accounts?

Preferred stock does not come with its own account. Preferred stock is a type of financial product like any other and makes up part of some investors' portfolios, though any investor can choose to stash a brokerage account with only preferred stock or ask her broker to set up an account exclusively

Learn How to Trade Shares Successfully

Just like a lot of people, you are probably worried about your financial future. It could be that your 9 to 5 job is not sustainable anymore or you are just worried about getting laid ...

Trading With Price and Volume

On any given major stock exchange, from Wall Street to Bombay or from London to Hong Kong, billions of shares are traded each day that represent trillions of dollars exchanged back and forth. This buying and selling action represents volume, which is the result of the exchange of stock or commodity

Beginners Guide to Buying Good Stocks at Cheap Prices

People often ask me what the secret is to buying good and cheap stocks. It seems like all of the "good" stuff that you hear everyone talking about is always priced so high. So how then do you get in on the ground level?

Powerful Trading Strategies

Powerful trading strategies are investment trading plans designed to maximize risk/reward ratios. This is because the strategies are both profitable and can be replicated over and over again in a risk-averse way. Powerful trading strategies can be short, intermediate or long term in nature. The poin

Grants for Women Returning to College After Many Years

A variety of foundations and nonprofit organizations offer women who have left education financial assistance to return to college and further their careers. Some grants require a minimum age or financial situation to qualify, while others focus on certain fields of study such as accounting. Because

The Advantages of Interest Paying Bonds

Interest paying bonds are one of the more common financial devices used by investors. They pay a low rate of interest in exchange for a low default risk. For this reason, they are often used for balancing an investment portfolio to reduce both risk and volatility. They are also used as a comparative

Best Fundraising With Flowers: Ideas and Inspiration

Are you wondering which way is the best to do fundraising with flowers? This article will give you ideas and attempt to inspire you to hold a fundraiser with flowers instead of with the obvious chocolate. People are on diets a lot now and they would much prefer buying flowers than something that cou

Join a Free Stock Market Game

Do you want to learn about stock investing? If so, sign up for a free stock market game and get the experience you need to get started!