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Copyright And Patent Attorneys

Copyright and Patent Attorneys - Patent and copyright law can be difficult for laymen to understand completely. That is why you might need the services of an attorney to help you fill out the paperwork that will protect your patented or copyrighted materials. Learn more about Copyright and Patent At

2012 - The End of the World

There is even scientific proof that a phenomenon which only happens every 360,000 years will occur. Scientists say that the direct alignment of the Milky Way, the Earth, and the Sun with cause Earth's poles to shift 45 degrees.

There are not 2 major political parties in the usa

There are not 2 major political parties in the USA, there is only one corrupt, duplicitous, incumbent ruling class elite pretending to be 2 separate political parties. The USA is not currently a const

Ram Sethu Can Be Explained, Unlike Karunanidhi

Ram Sethu or Adam's Bridge (for the western oriented) is not manmade, NASA says. Well, Ramayana doesn't say it is. It was made by Nal and Neel, who were not humans of course. They were vanaras (kind of apes).

How Can President Obama Pretend to Be Pro-Innovation and Progress?

Not long ago, I was at a local Starbucks discussing President Obama's leadership failures with some hard-core Republicans and a couple of Tea Partiers. Good solid folks who love this country, all former or current business owners. I decided to play devil's advocate and try to defend the Pr

DNA Collection Devices Approved by the FDA

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is tasked with ensuring public safety by ensuring that all products designed for diagnosis, management and prevention of human conditions meet certain standards.

Send Gifts To Special Persons Overseas

In most countries, giving gifts with sentimental values to the people we love has been considered as a tradition. It is actually a global custom because a lot of people with different races are exchanging gifts most especially when there are holidays and special occasions.

Gun Law Changes in 2013

Utah is an 'open carry' state. This means citizens can openly carry an unloaded firearm without a concealed firearm permit. The firearm must not have a round in its 'firing position' and must

Welsh Music

Wales has a long tradition of music and has been called the 'land of song' since at least the Nineteenth Century. This reference to Wales as the land of song, almost certainly comes from the passionate singing in Welsh churches and at Welsh sports meetings, particularly at rugby matches. H

Get a Degree in Financial Engineering and Go Work For the Government - Hurry!

It should be obvious that we need to get financial literacy into our education system and we ought to start in Junior High, because not everyone in America finishes high school these days. In fact, in some areas the drop-out rate approaches 50%. And as long as we are teaching financial literacy, we

The Cultural Evolution

It is a fact that culture is integral the existence of a society. Although it has no definitive definition and constitution it is the basis of the identity of a social group. It is also the source of their beliefs, practices.

How Does Generation Y Reign Supreme Over the Nation's Workforce?

While the majority of the American workforce struggles with obtaining and keeping work during our current economic climate, one segment of the population seems to have few if any issues at all. A odd as it may seem. the youngest members of the workforce are seemingly immune to the recession.

Teacher Hunger Strikes Set a Bad Example and Costs Taxpayers Even More

Not sure if you have heard about the drastic budget cuts out in California due to the deficit of some 15 Billion Dollars, but it is really affecting California in a difficult way. One of the cuts that had to be made was the layoffs of police, fire, and school teachers. Now, many Los Angeles Unified