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How to Get Rid of the Smell of Fish After Cooking

The joy of eating fish is usually offset by the lingering odor in the kitchen and throughout the house after cooking. Get rid of the smell of fish after cooking by heating vinegar in a pan of water.

Warm Up Your Next Family Holiday With a Fire Pit

Have you ever hosted family members at your home during a holiday, only to find out everyone was bored? Perhaps you don't have a knack for entertaining. Don't worry, this is a problem faced by many people.

How to Make a Personalized Emoticon for Skype

Skype connects users via either voice chat or instant messaging chat over the Web. Skype instant messaging includes the ability to use emoticons, sometimes called smileys, during the conversation. The Skype instant messaging menu provides a number of standard emoticons, such as a happy face, sad fac

Year of The Rabbit Hops and Pops With Firecrackers

Now that the Year of the Rabbit has been ushered in at the close of the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival), what does this mean for you? If you took part in the festivities that occurred in nearly every corner of the Chinese speaking world, including many neighborhoods in the United States, you no d

5 Tips For Reducing The Stress Of Christmas

Christmas can be one of the most enjoyable times of the year but at the same time failing to prepare for Christmas can result in unwanted stressful situations and arguments with your loved ones.I've always found the best way of avoiding this stress is to plan ahead and get everything sorted out

Christmas Decorating Trends 2010

The holiday season is quickly approaching and decorating for Christmas is just around the corner. The question is what will be the Christmas decorating trends for the 2010 season? Glitz and Glamour: We are all sick of the economy and thinking about the mortgage crisis.

Ideas for a St. Patrick's Day Party

Go for the green with a St. Patrick's Day party.st patricks day green beer and shamrock image by sparkia from Fotolia.comEvery year on March 17, Irish people and Irish enthusiasts gather to celebrate the life of Saint Patrick, who died in the fifth century. While the holiday is considered...

What Is the Meaning of a Green Awareness Ribbon?

Green ribbons aren't worn just for show. Whether to promote peace, music or the environment, people all over the world wear green ribbons to show their awareness for various causes.

Birthday Present Ideas for Your Wife

When your wife's birthday rolls around, consider giving her a special gift that reflects your love and admiration. Spend more time and effort for your special lady during gift selection than giving her something purchased from the store. Surprise her with a special item that she deserves.

Graduation Party Ideas for Teens

Graduation is an important time in a teen's life. A graduation party is both a celebration of an important accomplishment and a moment of transition from teenager to adult. Here are some ideas to ensure that your graduation party is the best it can be.

How to Stop Waiting Until the Last Minute

Most people have a tendency to procrastinate. A desire to perform fun tasks instead of chores or work, combined with a predilection to be easily distracted leads us to put off necessary tasks day after day. If you want to stop waiting until the last minute, you must make yourself more aware of your

How to Send a Holiday Gift Basket

Holiday gift baskets are a thoughtful way to let your friends, family and business partners know you appreciate them . Baskets can be custom-made to reflect the holiday season, as well as the recipient's hobbies and favorite foods. You can select almost any kind of gift basket from a variety of comp

Great Easter Decoration Ideas

Easter is on its way and its early this year so be sure you take the proper steps to decorate in style! Whether you are having guests over for a special dinner or event or just want to create a seasonal look around your home for the holidays, you will be able to use these great Easter ideas. You can

History Of Raksha Bandhan And Gift Ideas To Celebrate

Any Indian festival is incomplete without the typical Indian festivities, the get-togethers and celebrations, exchange of sweets and gifts, singing and dancing. Festival of Rakhi is one such major occasion. Rakhi is the celebration of brothers and sisters & all the preparations begin much in advance

How to Host a Barbeque on a Budget

Barbeques are known for being informal get-togethers, but unfortunately informal doesn't always translate into affordable. Too often the trappings of the party get in the way of the purpose: to enjoy a backyard dinner with your friends and family. Be kind to your budget and yourself by hosting a bar

Mothers Day And Its Origin

The Ancient Greek and Roman cultures can be said to be the originators of the tradition of honoring our mothers.

How to Make a Homemade Photoshoot

It can be extremely expensive to visit a professional photographer for a photo shoot of your newborn baby, your daughter's senior pictures or your son's wedding day. Designing your own photo shoot can help save you a lot of money and ensure that the pictures you are taking fit the style that you are

Group Halloween Movie Costume Ideas

It's Halloween and you have decided to celebrate as a group. Whether you are going to a Halloween party or a night out trick-or-treating, you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd by being easily identified as popular characters from well-known films. If you can't come up with a cast to portr

Secretaries or Administrative Professionals Day and Week

Secretaries Day is also known as Professional Secretaries Week which has recently redesigned to include all office employees and in doing so can also be referred to as Administrative professional week.The first National Secretaries Day was held in 1952 and was sponsored by the Administrative Profess