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Tips for Using Facebook to Find Somebody's Email Address

Are you thinking of ways of using Facebook to find somebody's email address? Is there a friend you lost contact with for several years and there's just no way to re-establish that contact? Thanks to the power of the social media in general and Facebook in particular.

Lucrative Social Networking - 4 Ways to Get Started With Social Networking

If you are interested in lucrative social networking, there are four ways to get started with social networking more effectively.Through this article you will be provided with an overview of some tips and pointers that will be useful to you when it comes to the whole concept of lucrative social netw

The Impact of the Facebook "Like" Button

The world of search marketing as we know it may be coming to an end. Do you think the folks over at Google are quaking in their boots at the newest challenge to their reign posed by those pesky social upstarts at Facebook?

Facebook Hashtags: All You Need To Know Guide

On the 12th June Facebook launched the ability to put hashtags in posts. Twitter, Google+ and Instagram all use hashtags. It's been said Facebook have moved into this market to make more advertising revenues which on the outset may not be clear how. We will explore that within this article.

5 Steps to Building an Effective Facebook Fan Page

Many businesses and websites, and even those that want to build personal brands, are jumping on the Facebook fan page "band wagon". Learn the secrets that could make your Fan page work even harder.

Social Network Advertising and Discussion

One of the keys to using social network advertising is discussion. There are social media platforms that allow you to find groups that are related to your niche market and get involved in some of the discussions that are happening. Any kind of social media is bonded together through the interaction

Link Building and Social Media Communications

Whether you start your social communications from your Facebook page or your blog the application is the same. If you have something interesting to say or useful to give to the community then say it. As a business owner and someone who is passionate about what it is you do then in reality there is n

Using Twitter As a Marketing Tool?

It's a question I am often asked - can Twitter really be used as an effective marketing tool for an organization, or is it just a platform for the exchange of random chat? Certainly, Twitter is gaining popularity, with an estimated 190 million visitors per month generating approx. 65 million Tw

Social Media - Pick a Social Media Marketing System For Your Small Business

You are, I am sure, familiar with social media and the possible uses for commercial enterprise? In the event you could compare and contrast Facebook and Twitter, which would you declare is perfect for your own business (presuming you employ either or both for your internet business requirements - if

Custom Twitter Background: Impression Makes Them Follow

With more than 140 million active users as of 2012, Twitter has quickly gained its fame since it was launched in 2006. It is capturing the interest of many individuals and even companies of all scales that intend to publicize their respective profiles. For a certain company, having a well-designed p

Running a Successful Social Media Campaign

You have a social media campaign for your business and you feel that it is unique and much better than the social media campaign of all of the other businesses around you. What makes your campaign special and successful?

Why Social Networking, Anyway?

Why would you want to waste your time doing social networking? Isn't that what the kids do to find dates and people to go party with? People with real businesses and important titles don't use those, do they?

How to Use Spock to Track Down a Friend's Phone Number

General search engines are great when you want to find information on just about anything. The problem that arises with some of them is that you can get lost with all of the results that they pull up when you want something very specific. If you are looking for someone's phone number, the gener

Social Media & PR - A Match Made in Heaven

The relationship between Social Media and PR is one that is fast becoming an incestuous one. Many companies have a PR strategy in place, but they also have a website, and it seems natural that the two should meet with social media. So what is social media and how can it do anything for your business

Facebook Marketing Tip - #1

Many small business owners and sales professionals are struggling to integrate social media into their marketing plan. I'm sure you've heard that it's important but where do you even start?

Facebook and Implications to Society

According to SEO specialists, Facebook has more than 20 million members registered generating 1.5 billion page views every day. This site tightly integrates the daily media patterns of its users. Generally, users on an average spend about 15 minutes everyday on this site and three fourths of users m

5 Ways to Make it Big With Targeted Social Networking

If you want solid marketing contacts, social networks are the best for you. It attracts people, groups & organizations of similar interests; all of which go hand in hand. All of the benefits of a social network can give you a quick marketing campaign of your product.

Online Gossip - Company Strategy To Networking

Online gossip is a very interesting promotional tool which is used by business houses world wide. The process employed for online gossip is very simple - you just have to select a social networking site, a discussion board or a blog where you can start talking about the products and services of the