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Natural Posing Ideas for Child Photography

Child photography is a very challenging profession and when it comes to photographing infants it is even more challenging. It is not fair for baby photographers to expect the infants to pose according to their will as their tiny bodies and joints cannot bend like grown up kids. So, the wise way of p

Learn Digital Photography - 10 Sources of Inspiration For Your Photography

I have found that the hardest part of photography is finding inspiration for a new photo. I suppose it's the equivalent of writers block. You just need something to get you going, to inspire and motivate you to greater photographic heights. Here are some sources of inspiration that will get you

Eye vs Camera - Different Perceptions of the Same World

How many times have you taken a picture and then, when you looked at it, you got disappointed because it did not render the beauty you saw at the moment of shooting? Yet, the scene you shot and the scene you saw were exactly the same. This is no surprise, because a camera sees the world differently

Photography Tips That Are Proven To Work

To become skilled in photography it is important to know the correct techniques to showcase your subject. Good advice will help in this regard. These tips will help you take better photographs and have people talking about your skills.

Have Photos You Can Be Proud Of

Though digital photography has a lot of advantages, the fact that you no longer have to worry about running out of film makes you end up with hundreds of photos that are all good except for some small faults that need to be corrected. These may include the red eyes in most of the photos done at nigh

Photographers Can Profit Through the Use of Mini-Sessions

In a down economy many people see photography as one of the non-essentials that can be trimmed back in order to make the monthly budge work. They may still value photography and love your work they simply don't have as much money to spend right now. When a photographer hears this scenario, he m

Photography - Knowing Lighting Ratios

The basic elements of studio photography comprise of finding the exposure and having the necessary skills of working with shadows. Here is a rundown that tells about lighting ratios, position lights and make use of shadows to be able to design the look of studio images.

How to Clean Slides

Over the years, stored slides can develop dust and grime. This makes scanning the slides less then ideal. Sometimes a quick spray of compressed air will work to clean the slides or sometimes you need to go a little further in order to get the grime off.

10 Tips How to Make Beautiful Photos

Of course, when you look at professional photos, you start thinking more skeptical about your photographing skills. But it is not necessary to look at professional photos and lose your heart. You can learn how to make great photos without expensive equipment. Just use some of the tips, which are des

Go for Shooting on Your Vocation

No matter you are travelling for shooting, or shooting for travelling, travel has become one of the most important materials of photos. There are many tools that we can take photos now, point-and-shoot, smart phone, ...

Steps For Improving the Post Production Work For a Photography Business

The photography industry is ultra competitive. This competition puts downward pressure on profit margins. In order to make a living in this industry, a photographer needs to run a lean, effective organization. The following are a list of tips for improving the profitability of your photography busin

The Secret To Enhancing Colour In Your Digital Photography

It's quite an extraordinary thing, colour. It can enhance or diminish emotion in a digital photo. It's really that powerful. Yet working with colour, it can assist the photographer to emphasise, dramatise or detract from a certain feeling in a digital photograph.

Basic Photography Shooting Tips for Your Camera

In our article on basic photography tips find out how to avoid camera shake, master apertures and use focus lock. Avoiding camera shake involves learning how to stand properly, watching your shutter speeds, use the viewfinder and squeezing the shutter gently.

Photographing Wildlife - Up Close and Personal

Photographing wildlife is similar in some ways to photographing children. You either need to be really close to them or you need a long enough lens to bring them really close to you! And again, like children, you have to appear friendly and nonthreatening, have lots of patience and time, and realize

Polaroid Digital Camera - Excellent Photo Quality With 7.0 MP Cameras

If you want to buy the digital camera and looking out for some good features like good pixel camera quality, large LCD scenes, large inbuilt memory at reasonable price, then you can think for Polaroid Digital Camera. With the introduction of digital camera by Polaroid, ordinary man having no photogr

Home-Based Photographers Are Cashing In

Turn on the news or pick up a magazine and you'll discover stories of moms running home-based businesses selling photos online. They are not only having fun and doing something they love. They are receiving regular payments from stock photography sites and checks for hundreds of dollars from se