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How to Halter Break a Mustang Horse

When mustangs are rounded up and auctioned off to new homes by the Bureau of Land Management, these horses are completely wild. In order to even start working with your mustang, you are going to have to teach it how to accept having a halter put on its head. Without the ability to halter your horse,

What I Learned My First Year Showing In Barrel Racing

Let me start out by saying even though I have shown and judged horses for many years I learned a lot during my first year showing barrels with the Girls Barrel Racing Association, also known as G.B.R.A. As a rookie there are certain things that nobody thinks about telling you. One of the things I le

The Word Horse in Six Different Languages

Here are links to explanations of how to say the word horse in six different languages. Learn to say the word horse in Italian, German, French, Mandarin, Spanish and Japanese.

What Are the Requirements to Becoming a Vet Tech?

If you love animals and care about the well-being of animals, consider earning a veterinary technicians degree. In this article, learn what a veterinary technician does, requirements, certifications, career opportunities and salary.

How to Train a Pleasure Horse

Whether you plan to show your horse or just ride for pleasure, proper training is very important. A well-trained horse is safer and more valuable than a poorly trained one, and training your horse properly from the start will make it easier to do more advanced training down the road. Plus, training

The Smallest Horse in the World

If not for its enormous size, a horse would have been considered as one of the well kept pets in the world. It is indeed one of the well kept pets in counties, despite their size. But there are horses which are so extremely small that you could consider keeping them as an indoor pet.

Trimming Methods for Misshapen Hooves

Many farm animals have hooves that need to be trimmed on a regular basis. If they are not properly maintained, or if the animal suffers from an illness or injury, the hooves can often become misshapen or deformed. This deformity can lead to lameness, illness and in the worst case scenario, death. Kn

Horse Tack - Top 3 Tips You Need Before You Shop

Selecting the right horse tack for use with your horse are some of the most important decisions you will have to make. Tack that does not fit correctly or is used improperly can have disastrous results for the health of your horse and possibly yourself. Following some of these tips will help make yo

What is a Port?

What is a port on a horse's bit? Learn what a port on the mouthpiece of a bit is and find out why ports are used on English and western style bits.

How to Bond With a Horse That Is Strange to You?

Horses and their riders form a partnership that depends on communication and trust. The best riding teams are those that work together flawlessly, with the rider and horse in tune with one another and responsive to cues and signals. When you first meet a new horse, it is important to immediately beg

How to Teach English Horse Riding Techniques

English riding techniques are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. English riding is more formal than Western style, and riders use English tack. When introducing novice riders to English riding, the focus is on balance and a correct seating position. When the rider is

What Is Cellulitis in Horses?

Cellulitis is the swelling of tissue just beneath a horse's skin that generally occurs as the result of an infection. The condition most often occurs in a horse's leg, but can show up anywhere on its body.

How to Properly Fit a Surcingle

The surcingle is the strap that keeps a horse's blanket in place. Fitting the blanket is fairly straightforward, but many people make the mistake of over-tightening the surcingle. This gives the blanket an awkward shape and makes the horse uncomfortable. Surcingles are also used to train horses in l

How to Make a Rope Halter With a Fiador Knot for Horses

Making a fiador knot halter is a simple way to get a new halter without paying for a pricy halter out of a catalog. This halter uses only three types of knots: the faidor knot, slipknot and double overhand knot. The fiador knot is the hardest part of making this rope halter, but you can untie the kn

Work Smarter - Tips to Decrease Horse Stall Maintenance Time

Anyone who has horses knows that cleaning stalls takes the longest out of any barn chore to complete. Are you looking to cut down your hours of cleaning and increase your quality time with your pet? Here are a few tips to decrease horse stall maintenance time!

Equine Evolution - The History of the Horse and Pony

55 million years ago there was a little creature called Hyracotherium, it is said to have been the size of a terrier and throughout time it evolved into the horse. Many today disagree as to the accuracy of the depicted evolution of the horse. This due to the missing time frames and shortage of fossi

Development of a Horse Fetus

A horse fetus takes about 11 months to fully form, and is usually born 334 to 340 days after conception. A foal born before 326 days is considered premature, and a horse born before 310 days has very low chances for survival.