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Steps on Growing Freshwater Plants in Your Aquarium

Select the kind of plant you want Think about how much your plant could grow and your tank size. Remember that plants grow. Do you want plants with many leaves or a plant which can be eaten by your fish? There are dwarf aquarium plants available that only grow up to two inches or you can obtain larg

Should I Vacuum the Gravel in My Saltwater Aquarium?

Saltwater aquariums need strict cleaning to stay healthy.aquarium fish image by Alison Bowden from Fotolia.comClear BenefitsVacuuming the gravel in your saltwater aquarium can help to remove food and waste debris that accumulates at the bottom of the tank, and it can help keep nitrate and...

Can You Have Sharks in a Freshwater Aquarium?

Sharks are certainly one of the most captivating creatures in the water. They excite, frighten, and intrigue us like no other sea creature. Everybody knows that sharks are from the ocean, but are there such things as freshwater sharks? Is it possible for the adventurous aquarist to keep sharks in a

How to Set Up a 10 Gallon Freshwater Fish Tank

Set up a 10-gallon freshwater fish tank the correct way, and you will have healthy fish to enjoy for years to come. Choose the correct tank accessories and decorations that will create a quality habitat for your pet fish.

Do Fish Really Eat Algae?

Can a fish really help keep your aquarium clean? Is it healthy for them to eat algae?

Aquarium Stand Ideas

A great deal of work goes into setting up an aquarium. It should be displayed in a way that showcases the tank's design. Display stands can be found in almost every pet store. Aquarium stands sold in pet stores, however, do not offer much in the way of creativity. They are typically plain black meta

Momotaro Koi

Over the last decade, a new term has become well known in the Koi industry; Momotaro Koi. At first glance the name tends to lead one on to presume it a new variety of Koi. This however is not true; Momotaro Koi has become the name for any Koi Fish variety bred by the famous and leading Koi farm in t

Uncommon Foods to Feed Goldfish

You may have thought your hard decisions were over after finally selecting the perfect goldfish to take home. But, although all types of goldfish eat pretty much the same things, more choices are available when it comes to the food to feed goldfish.

Homemade Bio Filter for a Pond

Constructing a homemade bio-filter in your garden pond is an inexpensive way to provide clean biological filtration to keep your fish and pond plants healthy. Biological pond filters maintain water clarity and provide a place for beneficial organisms to grow. Commercially manufactured bio-filters wo

Plants Used in a Betta Fish Aquarium

Bettas, or Siamese fighting fish, are beautiful, easy to keep fish. A betta enjoys hiding among the plants in his tank. When creating an environment for your betta, you should consider what types of plants you will use.

Aquarium Lighting Tips

If hobbyists select the wrong type of lighting for a home aquarium, it can result in algae overgrowth, die-off of benthic plants, poor visibility and behavioral problems in fish. Fortunately, the challenge of lighting an aquarium is simple to address when the needs of the aquarium are taken into acc

How Different Fish Tank Filters Affect Your Aquarium Differently

There are numerous brands and models of fish tank filters in the marketplace today that many people especially those new to the hobby might feel overwhelmed by which to choose. Though the designs and prices may differ greatly, they do share common characteristics which we will look at in this articl

How to Set Up a Saltwater Tank

If you are thinking of purchasing saltwater fish, you need to consider what you will have to do in order to keep them healthy. You will need to set up a saltwater tank for the fish and keep it balanced so that it doesn't have too much or too little salt in it at any time. There are filters and mecha

How to Make a Bait Tank From Acrylic

A bait tank differs from a regular fish aquarium in that it is insulated to keep the water at a specific temperature to sustain the bait. It also requires a special filter to keeps the bait healthy and growing. By using acrylic, you can create a strong, durable tank of whatever size you need. You ca

What's With the pH? Know the Dos and Don'ts For Your Tank's Water

Freshwater aquariums can be considered as twice as sensitive compared to the natural habitat they are trying to simulate. For example, the lighting, the substrate, and even the plants can affect the fishes living inside it if not patterned from that of an original freshwater environment.

What Causes a Fish Tank to Become Blurry After Cleaning It?

It is not unusual for fish tank water to turn blurry even after thorough cleaning of the filters and substrates. This cloudiness is caused by several factors and occurs in both newly set and older tanks. The root cause of the blurriness in the water is determined by the color of the water, with gray