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Birds and Their Cages

One of the first things to do when one wishes to have caged birds is precisely to choose the cage. Healthy birds need a cage for their convenience. Whether canaries, parrots, parakeets or finches, for example. There are many varieties of bird cages in the market - wood or metal, but it safest to fin

Questions to Ask Parrot Breeders to Make Sure They Are Reputable

If you are thinking of buying a parrot, you need to decide where to buy him from. You have basically got three options - parrot breeders, pet stores, and parrot rescue centres. My preference is the parrot breeder. This article explains why this is my preference, and it tells you what questions to as

Bird Emotions

Do birds have emotions? The debate isn't over, but watching bird behavior can give clues to how they might feel emotions. Includes tips for being a better birder by watching bird emotions.

What Attracts People to Parrots?

Parrots are popular pets for a variety of reasons, not the least of which are their natural beauty, the high level of their intelligence and their sociable natures. Nearly 15 years ago, USA Today, the national newspaper conducted a poll, discovering that some 11 million birds were kept as pets in th

PVC Bird-Feeder Projects

Don't let that PVC pipe to go waste.te en pvc 45?¡ã image by Marie-Th??r?¡§se GUIHAL from Fotolia.comPVC pipe is a durable plastic and vinyl pipe that is often used in underground plumbing projects. It is also cheap enough and adaptable enough to use for many different home crafts, such...

How to Find a Pet Bird That Talks

Many people that are interested in pet bird ownership would like to buy a bird that can talk. Look here for helpful information about talking birds that will help you in your search for the right feathered friend.

How to Build Backyard Chicken Coops

So, you want to raise some chickens. You're not alone -- backyard chicken coops have become increasingly popular, even in urban areas. Making your own coop isn't difficult, but it requires some simple tools and basic building supplies. As long as the coop keeps your chickens confined, sheltered and

How to Raise Swans - Tips on Raising Swans Like a Pro

Most of us who want to learn how to raise swans have one thing in mind: to make them multiply. In fact, when you really want to learn extensively about swans, you can go and get advices from a swan breeder. So when you know how to raise swans, you do not need to worry about their productivity becaus

How to Determine the Cost of Raising Chickens

Your cost of raising chickens depends on the choice that you make when deciding on the breed that you want and how you will care for them. DIY Chicken Coops recommends that you calculate the costs before you start your flock of chickens. The savings that you will earn from eating their eggs, instead

Bank Swallow Fact Sheet

Detailed fact sheet for the bank swallow, also called the sand martin. Includes appearance, behavior, reproduction, conservation and more.

How to Tame an Old Indian Ringneck Parakeet

The Indian ringneck parakeet is a native of India and Sri Lanka, weighs about 8 ounces and is approximately 15 inches long, including its tail. Their life span is usually up to 20 years or more. These birds are so intelligent that they are bored easily. They need stimulation through a variety of ne

Almost Everything About Our Favorites Pets - Canaries

Have you ever wondered whether or not you should have a small, singing canary?Keeping and maintaining the bird is not demanding, but you have to be careful to provide your pet with good living conditions. This article will offer some tips on taking care of your favorite pet that sings.

Blue Bird Facts & Houses

With their bright blue feathers and their cheerful, melodious song, bluebirds are among the most distinctive and charming of all the songbirds. Unfortunately, their numbers have dwindled considerably over the last several years, but backyard conservationists and amateur naturalists across the countr

How to Stop Feather Pecking in Chickens

Raising chickens can be a dangerous and frustrating job. Chickens are extremely skittish and often violent to one another or to you. One of the more frustrating occurrences that might happen with your chickens is when they feather peck one another. Feather pecking is a practice in which the chickens

How to Identify Antique Wedgwood China

Even with the help of a guidebook, it can be difficult to recognize authentic antique Wedgwood. With antique Wedgwood selling in the five-figure range, imitations abound. Steve Birks from The Potteries explains, "It is impossible to convey [antique Wedgwood] quality in either words or photographs. T