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Free Information on Quickly Improving Credit Score

A credit score of 700 or higher makes you a good candidate for a loan. But rather than pay someone to help repair your credit history, consider ways to improve your credit rating for free.

Ways to Build My Credit Score

There are a number of ways people can improve their credit score.credit card image by jimcox40 from Fotolia.comA credit score, also known as a credit rating, is a numerical score used by credit card companies and lenders to assess the likelihood that a person will pay back a loan....

Fair Credit Billing Act

The Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) is a U.S. law that helps consumers defend against credit-card billing errors and unauthorized charges. The act gives consumers the power to report an error, request an explanation of a credit-card charge or dispute a credit-card charge with a merchant, without harm

IRA Safety

IRAs are investment accounts that shelter your retirement savings from income taxes. IRAs are generally considered to be safe, though it somewhat depends on the investments you purchase in the IRA. Because IRAs can buy many different types of investments, you must understand how these investment ac

About Prepaid Debit Cards

Prepaid debt cards are available under the Visa or the MasterCard logos. You can use a prepaid debt card to make purchases and payments up to the amount of money associated with your prepaid debit card. Prepaid debt cards are much like using cash since you cannot spend more money in excess of the

How Is the U.S. Dollar Backed?

In the BeginningThe U.S. dollar is a tender instrument provided by the Federal Reserve Bank. The dollar is a note that, until the Nixon presidency, was backed by the amount of gold the country had in reserve. It was in 1971 that Nixon made the decision to take the dollar's value off...

Can be an On-line Insurance coverage Dealer Honest?

Many people don't comprehend the distinction between your life insurance professional along with a life insurance dealer. That is understandable. Insurance coverage is one area everybody knows we need, nevertheless determining which type we need, ...

How to Dispute Wrongful Credit Reporting by Collection Agencies

Consumers use credit for a variety of reasons. If the debt you incur from the extension of credit isn't repaid, the creditor may turn that account over to a collection agency. The collector will then report that debt to the credit bureaus and it will appear on your credit report. As a consumer, you

What Tax Liabilities Should Be Considered in Divorce?

Divorce can be a time of emotional turmoil. Ending what both parties had assumed would be a lifetime commitment, the financial effects of splitting a household and debate over child custody can cause parties to overlook important issues. The tax impact of divorce is one such issue parties should not

How to Do a Free Credit Check on Renters

Credit checks offer valuable information on the past financial actions of prospective tenants. Anyone renting real estate will want to know if the tenant in consideration has ever been evicted for not paying rent, or sued for destroying property. A landlord's credit check should be done by a reliabl

Home Budget Planning

In many ways, running your home isn't so different from running a business. Basic budget planning and execution can help to ensure that you have the things you and your family need and want without going into debt. Plus, done correctly, you can easily live well while living within your means.

eZCard Information

Rabo eZCard is an online credit card system designed for Rabobank America credit card customers. The system was introduced in October 2010 and provides customers with 24-hour online access to Rabobank credit card information including account balances and recent transactions.

Canada Pension Plan Death Benefits

The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) Death Benefit pays once to the estate of the deceased stake-holder of the pension plan. The service is provided by Service Canada, which is a program created in 2005 to improve the delivery of government services. The programs goal is to make service "easier,...

Are Bank IRAs Covered Under the FDIC?

If you want to invest your IRA in a bank, you can have FDIC insurance coverage for most types of accounts. However, you must select the right institution and abide by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation's rules to have full insurance. Even though the FDIC limits your coverage for IRA accounts,

How to Buy a BP Gas Card

BP gas cards are gift cards that can be used at any BP locations around the country for purchasing gas, food or car washes. BP gift cards do not expire nor do they charge dormancy fees. BP cards can be purchased online, by phone or in person at a BP store.

How Does Assuming a Mortgage Save a Person Money?

What Is an Assumable Mortgage?To assume a mortgage simply means you assume the responsibility of that mortgage. You must agree to all the terms and the payment schedule of the mortgage, and you assume the liability of the debt. All mortgages are not assumable. All VA mortgages and most...

Tenant Loans & Poor Credit History

Tenant loans are offered exclusively in the United Kingdom. These loans are essentially the same as American personal loans. They are offered to tenants, not homeowners. In the United States, homeowners can get personal loans, too. Tenant loans typically come with less favorable terms than secured l