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What to Do If a Person Can't Get Used to Wearing Bifocals

Sometime around age 40, most people start holding menus, newspapers and books a little further away. A visit to the eye doctor will likely result in a diagnosis of presbyopia, which essentially means that the eyes are aging and struggling to adjust, as well as a prescription for bifocals, which have

How Is Traditional Lasik Different From Custom Lasik?

The advances of medicine have greatly improved technology in the field of laser eye surgery. Traditional LASIK was once the only option for laser vision correction surgery, and not every patient was considered a good candidate. This was learned later on, and now patients who do not meet ideal standa

Knowing When to Replace Your Contacts

Wearing contact lenses requires a little more attention than using glasses. The contacts need to be cleaned and after a certain amount of use, they will need to be replaced. Your contact replacement schedule will depend entirely upon the type of contact lenses that you choose to go with.

Latest Intraocular Treatment for Cataract Surgery

As our eyes age, along with the rest us, our vision deteriorates resulting from the development of cataracts, which 'clouds' the crystalline lens of the eye, impairing our sight. The onset of cataract

Vision Solutions For Correcting Eyesight

Whether we are studying for long hours or working on our PCs or watching television, eyes are the foremost part that get directly affected. And this leads to their weakening. There are so many things to do and work on daily, that our eyes get stressed and with time need some help for correcting visi

Bimatoprost For Lustrous Eyelashes

Eyes are the most delicate and visibly attractive sensed organ that gets noticed first. Thus people especially women tend to keep a close look at how their eyes appear when they meet someone or get socialize.

5 Steps To Spot Original D&g Sunglasses

Looking to buy a new pair of D&G sunglasses? With a huge number of knockoffs available in the designer eyewear market, it is very easy to get duped by shady dealers. To make sure you buy only the original D&G shades, follow these 5 simple steps.

Take Care of Your Vision Before It's Too Late!

Eyesight and hearing are the two senses that tend to deteriorate with age. No matter how good yours may be at first, you'll likely see things changing as time goes on, and eventually you may even need treatment or assistive devices in order to cope with the situation.

Pink Eye Symptoms & Treatment

Pink eye, also known as conjunctivitis, is a medical condition characterized by the eyelids becoming swollen and symptoms that include redness, discharge, burning, and itching. Pink eye can be caused by various factors, including irritating substances, viral or bacterial infection, eye drops, contac

The Compounding Controversy

Part 1 of a 2-part series on compounding pharmacies addresses the use of compounded drugs in ophthalmology and other specialties.

One Hour Eyeglasses: Is the Mark Up Worth it?

Saving money these days is important. A great way to save money is by getting discount glasses. Those eyeglasses in an hour places carry a huge mark up that you can easily avoid.