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The Benefits of Web Conferencing

Before the advent of broadband Internet access, business trips were the norm. Employees all over the world travelled in order to meet with colleagues and clients, losing enormous amounts of time at airports in the process. Web conferencing can help companies save time, money and hire the best talent

Prada Phone Vs. iPhone

There are few phones on the market that can compete with the iPhone's functionality, elegance and popularity. Since its inception, the iPhone has transformed the smartphone market and set the bar higher for American cell phones. The LG Prada is a bit older than the current generation of the iPhone

Comparison of the Palm 700WX & 700P

The Palm Treo 700p and 700wx are smart phones released in 2006. When determining which is right for you, consider expert opinion as well as similarities and differences between the two smart phones.

HTC Desire HD Deals On Pay Monthly Contracts

The HTC Desire HD is the latest Android mobile phone to be released onto the market. This is the second mobile phone to be launched under the Desire brand and has a number of cool features which we will mention in this article.

Keep Your Phone Running With A Great Phone Battery

If there is one tech gadget that could be considered "most popular" over the past 20 years, one would have to say that the cell phone is definitely in the running. The need for constant availability has made these a must-have accessory for people of all ages. Almost everyone has a cell pho

Nokia's New Tablet Phone is the Nokia N900

A new cross between an internet tablet and a mobile phone has now been launched by Nokia. We take a detailed look at the new Nokia N900 and explore this new device's features, design and technology.

The T-Mobile Pulse Mini Is Now Available in an Evocative Pink Colour

The T-Mobile Pulse Mini is an engaging and practical mobile phone that incorporates touch screen functionality, coupled with web access and a whole host of additional useful features. The unit measures 106 mm high whilst being 57 mm wide and only 14 mm thick, within which it is able to provide a mul

Speck Seethru Case Lets Your Blackberry Bold 9700 Shine Through

The SeeThru case for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 is manufactured by Speck; a veteran company in the field of protective cases founded in 2001. The SeeThru is a two-piece, hard-shell case design that is transparent and includes a holster and belt clip with transparent qualities as well.

Applications, Games, Audio, and Video on the Nokia X7

Nokia has announced that it would only support their Symbian operating system as far as 2016. Regardless, it seems there are so many apps available for the Finnish phone manufacturer's new Symbian Anna handsets the E6 and the X7.

Selecting the Best Mobile Phone Tariff

Wondering which mobile phone tariff plan would be best for you? The online mobile shops are competing with each other to give a more attractive offer than the other. With the rise in purchase of mobile phones, there is also a rise in the attractive deals offered with the latest mobile phones.With so

How to Open a Samsung Soltice

The Samsung Solstice uses a SIM card to communicate with your wireless carrier's network. The SIM card, Micro SD memory card and battery are stored beneath the back cover of the phone. To change the battery or install a new card, you need to open the back cover of the phone. Use caution opening the

Tips for Effective SMS Marketing

SMS marketing programs are now primary tools to promote consumer brands, maintain corporate image, render good customer service and even roll out political campaigns. Among all the billions of text messages sent every day, many are ignored, but there are some that catch the targets' attention.

The Dell Venue ProDells Windows Phone 7 Handset

There have been a number of handsets that run on the Windows Phone 7 operating system. Examples of these handsets are the HTC 7 Pro, the Samsung Omnia 7, and the LG Optimus 7. Now, Dell has created its own Windows smartphone with the Dell Venue Pro.

Ilived: The Life Of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is one of the world's most wealthy adult men. He certainly is the co-founder, chairman, as well as ceo of one of the biggest computer businesses in the world, Apple Inc.