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What Are the Diplomatic Powers of the Presidency?

In his position as head of the executive branch of the U.S. government, the president exercises powers as head of state and head of government. This wide remit is laid out in section 2, article 2 of the U.S. Constitution. Checks and balances are applied to his diplomatic powers by the separation of

The Real Voice of America

November 19, 1863 - Four and a half months following the defeat of the Confederate forces at the Battle of Gettysburg, Abraham Lincoln stood at the dedication of the Soldiers' National Cemetery and delivered one of the most influential speeches in American history. It was there that he reminded

How to Vote in Presidential Elections When You're Out of the Country

If you are living outside of the United States because you are in the military or another reason, or even if you are just visiting out of the country, you can still vote in elections. In fact, if you are not going to be in the United States when a presidential election takes place you can arrange to

Freedom To Speak Is Not Unlimited

People often misconstrue the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. While this Amendment certainly grants us freedom of speech, that "freedom" can be regulated by the government. For example, a city can require a parade permit or other permits when large crowds are expected. Th

Hamas' Near-Term Strategy - What Next?

On Friday, June 15, 2007, Hamas triumphantly proclaimed its victory in the Gaza Strip. ''We are telling our people that the past era has ended and will not return," Hamas spokesman Islam Shahwan declared. With the Gaza Strip now under the rule of Hamas, the issue arises as to whether

Yes Yes, No No

The Church has always been a barrier to any errors that would generate misunderstanding in the people by applying the "Yes, Yes, No, No" which Christ recommended. Based on the idea of revolution in its most Marxian meaning, we can clarify how the replacement of the metaphysics research has

Change and the Next Step - Obama 2.0?

For those who are searching for change and cases where change happens need only to look at Obama; it is one of the biggest change agents of our time. And what more can you write about it. Well probably the fact that this thought change is not going to be what many think.

How to Write Your Code of Ethics

A company code of ethics formalizes practices your business is already engaged in. It provides your employees with ethical guidelines to adhere to. It also gives your customers and clients a clear idea of what you expect, ethically speaking, from your employees. If your industry already has a code o

Rebel Flag Facts

The term rebel flag is used colloquially to refer to the series of flags used by the Confederate States of America (CSA) to represent the country formed from the states that succeeded from the Union prior to the Civil War.

Foriegn Policy of Reagan and Bush

This article is a comparative study of Ronald Wilson Reagan and George W. Bush in terms of foreign policy. The reason why I decided to choose these two presidents is Iraq's issue. Iraq since 2003 has been the centre of many attentions especially for American politicians. Moreover Saddam Hussein

A Liberal's Review of the Nation (Magazine)

I am going to provide a short review of the Nation magazine from a self proclaimed liberal's perspective. I will also explain why I enjoy reading this magazine so much. This magazine is quite an old publication, it has been publishing since 1865.

How Do Blind People Use Computers?

BlindThe first thing that's important to understand is that even though a person may legally qualify as blind, that doesn't mean that they have no usable vision. Many people who are legally blind have 20/200 vision (meaning they can see an object from 20 feet away with the same clarity...

What Are the General Elections?

Some countries hold general elections to decide who shall be the chosen prime minister, first minister or president. In America's bipartisan system, the two main presidential candidates are the Democrat and Republican. Minor parties offer up candidates, but they usually have very little chance of wi

Obama's PR Machine Discussed

Every so often a new candidate comes along and captures the attention of the American Voter, a breath of fresh air. They seem to not miss a beat in their political public relations campaign. They make people feel great, someone they can believe in. Unfortunately, once the courtship is over the shoot

How to Install Currency Into OpenSim

Unlike other online virtual world clients such as Second Life, OpenSimulator does not feature a method of exchanging or using currency. However, the online virtual world platform does feature protocol hooks that allow administrators to install currency modules. After installing the currency module,

How to Put on a Clergy Collar

Members of the clergy frequently wear clerical collars only at certain worship times, though some members wear them all the time. Style options for clerical collars include shirt-cut and color. Put on a clergy collar by buttoning it to the shirt collar. Members of the clergy typically use special bu

Why Do We Need Conservative Political Cartoons

Finding conservative political cartoons is more than just about fun, but often, one can take a more insightful look at many of the happenings of US Conservative politics and finding value in commentary. Years ago, it was once quipped that a politician need not really worry about what was printed abo

Minimum Wage Hike Helps Congress, Hurts America

The attempt to raise the minimum wage is typical of election year political games. Less than one half of one percent of Americans work for minimum wage and most states already have minimum rates that exceed the federal standard. If there is to be a minimum wage, it should be raised and lowered at th