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Lyme Disease Prevention

Learn more about Lyme disease prevention, including how to avoid tick infested areas and about using insect repellents to keep ticks off of your kids.

Babies Toys: Safety Guidelines

As parents, there is a tendency for us to spoil our kids by buying them clothes, food, and toys. This is true for first-time parents. However, when buying your babies new toys, that you follow certain


Gardisil is a common misspelling for Gardasil, a new, recently FDA approved vaccine being made by Merck against the two types of HPV or Human Papillomavirus that cause most cervical cancers and the two types that cause the most genital warts.

Baby Bottles Are The Way To Go

Think it’s the perfect time to introduce your breastfed child to the wonderful world of bottles? Before you make the switch, here’s all you need to know about nipples, sterilizers, pumps and helping your baby get a hang of it.

Children's Fever Rules

Fever is caused when the hypothalamus, which houses the internal thermostat of the body, raises the body's internal temperature above the normal 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, or 37 degrees Celsius. While body temperature tends to fluctuate during the day, it will rise significantly in response to an ill

A Three-Year-Old Toddler

Your three-year-old will now begin to play cooperatively with other children in small groups, share her toys and develop friendships. Review how to care for your three-year-old.

How to Promote the Social Development of an Infant

A baby can light up your life with his wonder and discovery of the world around him. You can encourage all of that right from the day you bring your infant home. An infant's social development is first about creating attachments to caregivers, learning how to respond and interact, then moving into t

Embryo Development Stages

The embryonic stage in development during pregnancy is one of the most important, as major body parts are being formed in a short period of time. A woman must take special care during this stage to protect the health of her future baby. Before becoming an embryo, the future fetus originates as an eg

Buying The Right Baptism Gift

Coming up with great ideas for a baby’s baptism present is no easy task. It is always dependent on what kind of relationship you have to the baby in question as well as the baby’s parents. If you are a close relative - like a grandparent, aunt, uncle or similar - perhaps a more exclusive

How to Mix Soy & Milk-Based Formula

Switching formulas for your baby is best done by gradually transitioning from one type of formula to another. You can help your baby's body make a smoother transition by mixing different kinds of formula for a couple of days until the baby's body gets used to the new formula. Mixing soy and milk-bas

Is Picking Locks Your Pastime Or Your Profession?

Lock smithing is not the only career of choice for those who are obsessed with the materials in locks and the way to defeat them. In fact, numerous lock picking fans are not licensed locksmiths, but fanatics. If you have this type of interest with locks and you've become used to bizarre looks f