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Swimming Pools & Water Fountains & Ponds : Home & Garden

Tips on Above-Ground Pools

In warm weather, a backyard pool is an ideal way to cool off and have fun with your family and friends. If you do not have the budget or room in your yard for an inground pool, an above-ground model can be an attractive alternative. Like an inground pool, it requires regular maintenance and upkeep,


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How to Clean a Water Bubbler

Water bubblers, or drinking fountains, are commonly found in hospitals, businesses and schools. Because they are used by many people in the course of a day, they can quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria, fungi and viruses without regular cleaning. High-traffic bubblers should be cleaned wi

Hot Tubs - Practical Spa Guide

Sometimes after a long hard day there is nothing you want more than to relax, and some people find that the best way to do that is to enjoy a long evening in the hot tub.But before we discuss buying, you need to know the basics. For those who are not familiar with hot tubs, they are large manufactur

Garden Pond Parasites

Garden pond parasites occur on fish because of overcrowding, dirty water, poor filtration or stressed fish. Regular cleaning of the pond, good filtration and reducing the population of fish within the water will prevent pond parasites from occurring.

How Ultraviolet Light Destroys Chloramine

Chloramines are products formed by the reaction between certain organic compounds and free chlorine in swimming pools. Since they are strong eye and respiratory irritants, it's desirable to keep levels of these compounds as low as possible.

Directions to Set Up an Intex Sun & Sand Pool

Quick set up -- usually under 10 minutes with two people -- means you can enjoy your Intex Sun and Sand pool in little time. The Sun and Sand line is also referred to as Intex's Easy Set line. These pools have a collapsible wall and inflatable top ring that spreads out as you fill the pool. It requi

How to Add Calcium Chloride to a Pool

Calcium chloride is a chemical used in pools to balance mineral content of the water. When calcium levels are low, there is increased risk of damage to plumbing, and plaster and vinyl liners may crack. Maintain the calcium level at 200 to 400 parts per million. The calcium level in a pool will be ra

Green Metal Glider Chair

If you like the look of garden furniture that looks like it's been left out in the garden -- for decades, perhaps -- then you just might find it at an antique store. While antique stores used to be the first go-to place for all things vintage, flea markets, online auction sites and sources like

The Positive Effects of an Infrared Sauna to Your Body

Saunas are being patronized by many people who want to feel some relief in their body. Before you use the sauna, you should first know if it is a steam sauna or an infrared sauna. The two types of saunas have big differences.

Balsam Hill Crimson Harvest Wreath & Garland

Balsam Hill's white Denali wreath is not a $5 wreath you pick up at the drug or hardware store and festoon with all of the ribbon, bows, ornaments and knicknacks it can hold. Balsam Hill is a company that's exclusively in business to make holiday trees, wreaths and garlands. And they do a

How to Rewire a 5 HP Electric Motor

A 5 horsepower (HP) electric motor uses approximately 3,730 watts each hour, which is a considerable amount of energy consumption. It needs high-voltage electricity to operate, such as the 110 volts you get from your home electricity supply, and is therefore a fairly expensive item to run. A 5 HP el

Advantages of Swimming Pool Covers

Well, if you have enhanced your home with a swimming pool, then you must take a proper care of it so that it can easily increase your home value. A swimming pool is really the best place where you can easily relax and enjoy some grand moments with your family members during the summers. A small swim

How to Use a Solar Pool Cover for Maximum Heating

Swimming pool water often does not stay warm enough for swimmers, especially in certain geographical areas. Water evaporation and cool night air cause a slight temperature drop each night. Use a solar pool cover for an easy solution. Solar pool covers attract sunlight, retain heat and prevent evapor

How to Properly Test Pool Water

It is important to continually monitor a pool's chemical balance to ensure the pool is at the proper quality. The chemical health of a pool determines the effectiveness of the chemicals to kill bacteria and other contaminants and also assures that the pool is safe to swim in.

5 Facts You Might Not Know About Infrared Sauna Kits

There are two types of sauna kits available, the regular steam sauna and the newer infrared sauna kits. These two types of sauna are completely different. Most people are relatively familiar with the regular sauna, but are not as much with infrared.


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How to Size a Fountain Pump

The most obvious way to choose the right size pump for your fountain is to look at the size basin it will be sitting in. If you're creating a small table top fountain, you will choose a very small fountain pump that can be tucked away underneath some decorative river stones. Consequently, if you are

Before: Building the Casket

Halloween yard haunts have replaced full-sized candy bars as the big draw in neighborhoods across the United States, Canada and other countries that celebrate Halloween. Nobody knows this better than Dave Gugel, a Florida resident and extreme DIYer who started transforming his home about five years