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How to Keep Suction Cups Sticking

Suction cups work by creating a vacuum between two surfaces. Made from flexible rubber or plastic, suction cups are non-penetrating and do not normally leave a residue, so they are useful for hanging lightweight items on glass, metal or other smooth and non-porous surfaces without causing damage. Bu

How to Decorate a Stair Runner

If you have a set of stairs in your home and you want to add some style to them, consider making a custom stair runner by painting the stairs. You can do this fairly easily by using stencils and floor paint. You will decorate a stair runner by painting designs directly on the steps and risers of the

How to Make Your Own Cheap Production Horror Movie

Horror movies are a good start for novice film directors -- a simple plot can involve a spirit or killer and a lot of fake blood. Even if the production is cheap, you can make a watchable film as long you put in the effort towards the story and characters. A cheap horror movie can be made in your ho

How to Wash Out Cat Urine

Finding cat urine in the house is an unpleasant surprise for any pet owner. Often, trying to get the urine out of items such as carpets and rugs proves difficult. Many commercial cleaners designed for urine removal leave smells and stains behind. Not only is this an unsightly mess, it encourages you

How to Restring a Stihl FS 55 RC Trimmer

The spinning line of a Stihl FS 55 RC Trimmer is designed to wear down and break over time after repeatedly hitting rocks, fence posts and other hard objects as it cuts weeds and grass in tight places not suitable for a larger lawnmower. Replacing the cutting line can be done in just a few minutes w

How to Get Rid of the Smell of Mothballs

Mothballs effectively get rid of moths by emitting a chemical vapor called paradichlorobenzene. The strong odor that results from mothballs lingers long after mothballs are disposed of. Headaches and nausea can be caused by the unpleasant and overpowering odor. While mothball smell is not as simple

How to Remove Mold & Mildew From a Leather Harness

A leather horse harness is made with a natural, porous material that absorbs moisture and makes a perfect breeding ground for moisture-loving organisms. When leather tack isn't cared for properly, it can become damp and dirty. These two problems attract mold and mildew, leading to stains and odor on

How to Remove Polish Stain

Furniture polish keeps wood looking lustrous and protects it from damage. Unfortunately, polish spills can get on upholstery, carpet and your clothes, leaving behind unattractive stains that may seem difficult to remove. A little patience and the right method can remove most polish stains with no da

How to Erase Ink on Overhead Transparencies

Overhead projectors allow you to display what you've written on a clear piece of transparency paper. The projector emits the image onto a wall or screen, where the entire room can see and read from the transparency. Because these transparencies can be costly, and errors sometimes occur while writing

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Dog Odor in Carpets

Accidents are a fact of life if you have a dog, and it can be difficult to remove odor from the carpet without shampooing or steam-cleaning it. There are numerous commercial products that claim to remove odors and stains, but you don't have to resort to chemicals to get the job done. You probably h

How to Make Sand Place Card Holders

If you plan on throwing a dinner with a tropical theme behind it, then there are some great ideas you can try for décor. One idea is to make your very own beach-themed sand place card holders for guests. Making these festive holders is easy and only requires a quick trip to the beach or your lo

How to Clean the Mesh Area of Stove Fans

The mesh filter that covers the fan on the range hood above your stove catches the grease and other airborne cooking pollutants when the exhaust is running. Those pollutants and greases congeal in the mesh filter, inhibiting air flow and causing odor. After time, the filter stops functioning complet

Tips for Shampooing Carpets

According to Service Magic: Carpet Cleaning, carpets should be shampooed at least once every 12 to 18 months. Maintaining a clean carpet can reduce allergies and illness. While it's ideal to have carpets professionally cleaned, effective and more affordable ways exist. The frequency and method of sh

How to Revive Wood Bowls

Every wood bowl has its own look because of the different grains and natural imperfections in the wood. Wood bowls filled with fruit can be used as a centerpiece. Salads served in wood bowls with matching tongs are very attractive. Properly maintained wood bowls will last for years. However, over ti

Sources for Washing Soda

Washing soda can be found at some grocery stores.Washing powder image by lefebvre_jonathan from Fotolia.comAs the number of laundry products on supermarket shelves continues to increase, it is becoming harder to find old-fashioned washing soda. Washing soda has been used for many years as...

How to Build Carpenter Bee Traps

In spring or early summer, homeowners often notice what look like bumblebees flying around their homes. They will see these bees trying to borrow into the wood of their homes as the bees look for mates and a place to build a nest. These are not bumblebees; they are carpenter bees. Unlike the bumbleb

How to Clean a Weber Pit

Barbecue season calls for hamburgers and fresh vegetables roasting over a Weber charcoal grill. Enjoy your grill in mint condition by taking the proper steps to protect the grill bars and pit. The grill bar may be loaded with food remnants from a previous cookout and the pit piled with burned-out ch

How to Get a New Mattress Through Warranty

A new mattress can help to provide a better night's sleep by providing you with a sound, comfortable night's sleep, free of lumps and other problems that older mattresses may have acquired over time. If you've recently purchased a new mattress, you may be wondering how you can keep it in good condit