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Floor Wax Removal

Hardwood floors add style and value to a home. With careful cleaning, their finish can last for many years. Several options are available protect a hardwood finish: polyurethane, tung or boiled linseed oil, and wax. Coats of wax are often the way homeowners choose to protect hardwood from scratches

What Do You Use to Glue Ceramic Tile Down on a Glass Picture Frame?

Using ceramic tiles around the edges of a glass photo or picture frame can make a store-bought item into a personalized gift or coordinate the frame with the existing room decor. You can buy ready-made ceramic tiles or make mosaic pieces yourself by smashing up broken ceramic crockery. Most picture

How to Make a Table From Granite Remnants

Granite remnants are smaller slabs left over or cut out of a large-slab installation, such as a countertop. These small slabs can be obtained from a granite installer at a fraction of the original price and are often the perfect size for a coffee or end table. Finishing the edges of any piece of gra

How do I Order EPS Foam Sheets of Various Densities?

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam has a number of applications, but not all applications require the same density of EPS sheets. Whether covering a hot tub, sealing a wall or soundproofing a room, selecting the correct density for the application can help assure better results. Various EPS manufacture

Which Is Better: A Resin or Cement Fountain?

A fountain provides the sound of flowing water that many people find soothing and relaxing. Fountains are available in a choice of styles, designs and materials to add to your garden or landscape. Resin and concrete products offer homeowners a choice of fountains at a more affordable cost than the m

How to Grind & Polish a Concrete Floor

Grinding and polishing a concrete floor will bring out a sheen and reflective surface to an ordinarily drab concrete slab. There are a couple different methods that you can choose from to achieve your desired look. Both will obtain results and the method you choose is up to you and your personal pre

How to Pierce the Inner Foil of Caulk

Weather stripping your home saves money on home energy costs. Caulking around windows and doors prevents drafts and also protects your home against rain seeping inside your walls. Caulk tube cartridges come in many different types but each of them have a foil seal that protects the caulk until you a

Cabinet Molding Installation

Renovating a kitchen can provide a high return on investment. Although a complete overhaul can cost tens of thousands of dollars, you can update the look of your kitchen for several hundred dollars by adding molding where your cabinet frame meets the ceiling. Depending on the size of your kitchen, y

How to Fix a Hole in a Vinyl Fence

In the cold of winter, vinyl fencing can become stiff and brittle, making it vulnerable to damage and cracking. Something as simple as a stray baseball could cause major damage to the vinyl, or even leave a gaping hole in one of the panels. Luckily, vinyl fence is easy to repair. Most panels of viny

Photovoltaic System Components

A roof of solar panelsSolar Panel image by kuhar from Fotolia.comPhotovoltaic systems can be off-grid, grid-tie, or hybrid. Off-grid systems are fully self-contained with no reliance on the electrical grid. In these systems the power you generate either goes into batteries or you use it...

DIY: Solar A/C

Air conditioning contributes to a high percentage of electricity bills in the summer. Employing solar energy to power the A/C unit can eliminate those costs. A solar powered A/C unit is useful because the hotter the day, the stronger the sun; the strong sun helps provide ample solar energy. The size

How to Install a New Cable TV Receptacle

The best time to install cable television jacks is when the home is under construction, before the drywall has been installed. Installing television jacks in remodels and older homes is more difficult. Sometimes installing a coaxial jack in a different location is necessary. Evaluating a new jack

Unique Kitchen Hand Cooking Tools

A batter dispenser produces perfectly shaped pancakes.melting butter pancakes image by Ray Kasprzak from Fotolia.comSome kitchen tools are unique in what they do and others are uniquely re-designed standard kitchen tools. Some hand tools have arrived in the kitchen from the do-it-yourself...

How to Fix Cracks in Floor Tile Grout

Tile grout may become cracked over time. Most of the cracks start out small but can quickly grow. This can lead to water seeping underneath the tile and cause the grout to crumble. In addition to the structural damage cracked grout can cause, it also reduces the overall neat appearance of the tile.

Making an Open Concept Living Room Look Cozy

Many homes have lots of square footage and grand, sweeping rooms, but large blocks of open space can feel cold and cavernous. However, there are some things you can do to transform your great room from a chilly expanse into a warm sanctuary. Use intimate furniture placement, rich colors and warm lig

Repairing a Hairline Crack in Grout

Hairline cracks in grout have a number of causes: they can result from a botched grouting job, from the general settling of the house over time or from an overzealous youngster with a hammer. Whatever the reason, you should fix them when you notice them, as these cracks can allow moisture to enter t

How to Draw a Bungalow House Plan

Bungalow houses feature a single story, a sloping and gabled roof with eaves, an assymetrical porch or veranda that may wrap around the front and one side of the house and a continuous, open-concept floor plan with no stairs. It's an extremely popular floor plan in the United States, according to th

Comparison of Natural Stone Countertops

Created by nature rather than man, natural stone countertops consist of minerals mined from quarries around the world. When used as a bathroom or kitchen counter, authentic stone imparts a natural vibe to the room. Some rocks are more durable than others, so choose the surface that fits your cooking

The Advantages & Disadvantages of French Door Refrigerators

French door refrigerators are a recent design innovation that puts the freezer on the bottom and side-by-side doors on top. The freezer either has a swinging door or is a pull-out drawer. French door refrigerators are manufactured in lesser quantities than the more traditional designs, so...

The Rules That Apply to Building a New House

It can take years to build a new home, but it's worth it for homeowners who know what they want.home sweet home image by easaab from Fotolia.comBuilding a new house can be a difficult and time-consuming process, but for many home owners, a custom-built home is worth the investment. As...