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Halloween Preparation Tips

The spoooooky season is upon us once more and it’s time to start preparing for my personal favourite holiday, Halloween. Time to fill up the shopping bags with lollies or get ready to be tricked, with the possibility of everyone from Elvis to Lady Gaga knocking at your door on the 31st! While

Cheshire Cat Prototype

Disney Auctions limited edition jars are popular and they too can bring more than double the issue price for the more popular characters.Shown here are limited edition jars from Disney Auctions. Jars are typically limited to a production run of 250 or 350. Occasionally Disney will offer a prototype

Tin Can Luminary Craft

Find out how you can create a beautiful luminary by recycling a tin can.

Clean Scrapbooking Sequel Simple Is A Way To Keep Records Intact

One always derives pleasure while viewing one's scrapbooking projects. It also reflects the happiness and fun activities that one has spent while creating scrapbooks. If you have unrealistic expectations for what you will accomplish or how the finished project will look, you will be very disapp

Christmas Napkin Ring Templates

Print out and make personalized napkin rings for your next Christmas Dinner or other Christmas event! They are easy to print and make, and they are free.

Best Autumn Potpourri

Potpourri has long been a staple for scenting homes across America due to its rich and lasting scent. Now it is easy to go green and create your own potpourri at home with materials from your own backyard. Gather them quick and take advantage of the harvest from your garden.

How to Identify Antique Tables

If you love antiques and have collected a few pieces over the years, you may know a lot about pieces of furniture, such as tables. If not, you should learn more about the subject. Although many antique dealers would like you to think every table in their shop is a rare find, some may be clever repro

Graduation Hat Card

Check out this photo of a fun graduation card created by 15-year-old Lindsey.

Scent-Sational Candles - How to Make Scented Candles

Have you ever experienced looking into the flame of a candle and find yourself slowly being transported into another world altogether? And as you continue to gaze at the candle flame, a wonderful subtle fragrance fills the air and you become more and more relaxed and a quiet sense of peace and calm

Model Trains - History of Scales

In Britain the most in-demand scale pertaining to model trains locomotive layouts is 'OO' that's built with 1/76th regarding actual dimensions. Almost all the starter sets available from suppliers for instance Hornby are made to 'OO'. This machine is roughly the same as 4mm

The Different Styles and Uses of Scented Candles

Scented candles are the most popular type of candles today and they are available in more styles and mediums than ever before. Scented candles are a feel good product. They are also available in a wide array of candle styles, from taper candles, to jar candles, to votive candles, candles in tins, an

Machine Quilting Tool Kit

When it comes to quilt making the tools and equipment you use are just as important as the fabric you choose. The proper tools can make creating your quilt easier and more enjoyable. They also play a vital part in the result, as using appropriate equipment can affect the precision and accuracy of yo

Marvelous Teeny Dollhouse Pieces: Pattern Points

A great example is a play room where the sole purpose of the room is to have fun and enjoy oneself.Designers might know about lighting, and colors, but only the great ones design for mood.The mood of the room is chosen by the expectations of those that do, or plan to use it.

Crafters Provide Examples of Native American Beading on the History Tree

The Prairie Star Gallery in Sioux Falls, South Dakota has a twelve foot tree that features over one thousand Native America ornaments.The beading tradition is strong in Native American people and the tree gives excellent examples.This article describes some of the crafters who created the ornaments

Ancient Chinese Weapons and Armor

Similar to ancient Japanese Samurai swords like the katana, ancient Chinese swords like the Sanmei are works of art. Unlike their Japanese counterparts which are created purely for sword fighting, the