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What Happens to the Tundra Over Time?

The word "tundra" brings to mind cold, harsh climates. The tundra is a treeless region with frozen soil found primarily in the Arctic regions. As time passes the tundra changes, based upon prevailing weather conditions including changes in temperature. Changes in the tundra can have a significant im

Rain Stick Craft Instructions

Often used as instruments in tribal dances by Native Americans, rain sticks were thought to summon the spirits and bring rain, ending periods of drought. If you're teaching children about these ceremonial instruments and the customs associated with Native Americans, help them make their own versions

How to Mount Posters to a Foam Board

Poster manufacturers often have sophisticated equipment that produces beautiful, quality prints that you can treat like art, rather than simply sticking them on the wall with cellophane tape or thumbtacks. If you have a poster you would like to hang or frame, you may first want to mount it on someth

What Is an African Penguin?

Not all penguins live in the bitter cold of Antarctica or the far reaches of the Arctic. A continent in which tigers, lions and elephants roam, Africa also hosts its own breed of penguins. The Spheniscus demersus, commonly referred to as the African penguin, resides in particular region of southern

Crafts With Vinyl Flooring

You can use lino flooring pieces to create rubber stamps, prints and customized mats. The pliable rubber surface allows you to etch the pieces with carving tools and the underside makes a paint worthy surface. Give friends and family homemade gifts or make craft projects to decorate the house.

How to Use a Three-Leg Potentiometer

A potentiometer is a circuit component that is a special type of resistor. A regular resistor has a fixed resistance that never changes, but a potentiometer has a resistance that varies. The most popular kind of potentiometer has three legs. The leg in the middle is referred to as the wiper, and the

What Problems Do Solar Winds Cause for Technology?

From lighting houses and running equipment to purchasing supplies and playing sports, modern society relies on readily-available, consistent and adequate levels of electrical power. However, solar winds can affect this power supply---and other forms of technology---and severely disrupt many activiti

How to Break in Your New Airsoft Gun

Airsoft guns are firearms that shoot small, plastic balls similar to BBs. This style of gun is powered either by a spring, compressed air or a battery. Airsoft guns are sold in a variety of styles --- everything from sniper rifles to shotguns to pistols. Because they can be dangerous if used incorre

How to Find Beach Glass

"Beach glass" or "sea glass" are not terms that refer to what happens to the sand underneath the fire pit. Instead, they refer to the broken pieces of glass that wash up on the shores of lakes, rivers and oceans. These pieces of glass are generally oddly shaped, tending toward rounded edges and "fro

How to Dissolve Sodium Carbonate in Water

Sodium carbonate is a combination of sodium salt and carbonic acid. Its chemical compound is represented as Na2CO3. It is also known as soda ash or washing soda. It is commonly used in pools to raise the pH level or in tap water as a water softener, so dissolving it in water is a very important appl

How to Make an Autoclicker for Dark Throne

"Dark Throne" is a free multiplayer browser-based online game that takes place in a virtual fantasy world. You can attack other players or make friends and defend your kingdom. You can build your character's skills and riches by playing more often. All your moves are done with a mouse, so setting up

How to Make Black Knife in Runescape

If you have been wanting to complete your Runescape character's tough and mysterious look, or you are just tired of using nothing better than steel weapons, then you have to put on your Runescape playing T-shirt, whip out your gamer's keyboard and get yourself a black knife. Seriously, you owe your

How to Convert GPM to HP

Horsepower, or HP, is the amount of power required for a pump or turbine to transfer a fluid or to create a flow in the fluid. This depends on the rate the fluid is lifted and the height to which it is lifted. The rate is usually measured in gpm, which stands for gallons per minute, and the height i

How to Wire a Push-Pull Potentiometer

A push-pull potentiometer is and electrical component used in guitars as an alternative to standard potentiometers used for the volume and tone controls. It is a combination of a potentiometer and an on/on double-pole/double-throw switch, which is activated by pulling the potentiometer upwards. A co

How to Play Football Poker

In football poker, players are not allowed to look at their own cards before revealing them. To match the theme, points are scored and the player with the most points wins the hand instead of the player with the best poker hand.

Science Projects on Testing Sunscreens

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, adults who apply a daily dose of sunscreen of at least SPF 16 can reduce their incidence of melanoma by half. The results are based on a study of 1,600 people in Australia. Students can perform their own experiments to determine the effectiveness of sunscreen

Difference Between Gas & Diesel Fuel

Gasoline and diesel fuel both come from petroleum. Otherwise known as “crude oil,” petroleum contains a class of compounds called “aliphatic hydrocarbons.” These compounds are made up entirely of carbon and hydrogen, with the carbon atoms linking together into chains. Hydroca

The Dangers of Gypsum in Mining Processing & Use

Gypsum is a lightweight, soft crystal composed of water, salt and calcium. It can be scratched with the fingernail and is known to dissolve into water because of the high salt content. It's lightweight, and its wide availability has made gypsum a popular material to add to drywall. There are risks a