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Yaz Birth Control Safety Warnings

Yaz, a birth control medication manufactured by Bayer, is used to prevent pregnancy as well as to treat moderate acne and the symptoms of premenstrual dysphoric disorder, a more serious form of premenstrual syndrome. Like all medications, Yaz comes with warnings that you need to know before you begi

Risks of Multiple Pregnancy-Topic Overview

Possible maternal complications of multiple pregnancy include: Miscarriage. Anemia. Urinary tract infection (UTI). High blood pressure and organ damage ( preeclampsia ). Excessive bleeding (hemorrhage). Increased chance of cesarean delivery. Too much amniotic fluid (polyhydramnios). Problems with th

Diabetes Pregnancy

There are two ways that diabetes can affect pregnancy. If a woman is diabetic and becomes pregnant her health and the baby's welfare can be impacted by the condition if care is not taken. Also there is a condition known as gestational diabetes, which develops when a woman is pregnant and most o

Maternity Clothes With Style

Do maternity clothes really have to be so frumpy? Are you still wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes? You don't need to look bad when you are pregnant because you are wearing wrong clothes. Here are some suggestions on what maternity clothes to wear.

Addiction to Chocolate When You Are Pregnant - Is it Healthy?

Chocolate is not only delicious, but also worthwhile. Indeed, while it is regularly eaten for pleasure, there are potential beneficial health effects of eating chocolate. Even, today, some 50% of women reportedly claim to prefer it to sex even though this response may depend on the attributes of the

Signs of Implantation in Pregnancy

You're probably familiar with the basics of conception: sperm meets egg under the right conditions, producing an embryo that grows into a bouncing baby. But what happens after the egg is fertilized? What is implantation and how do you know when it's happened? Being familiar with the signs of implant

Tips For Conceiving a Baby Girl

The first time I became pregnant, I really did not care if I had a boy or a girl.I knew that I would be thrilled and grateful to get either.However, the second and third times were a little bit different.I wanted to balance out my family and I wanted to experience raising both a male and a female.I

New Rules for Pregnancy Nutrition

A new must-read for expecting moms is Bridget Swimney's recent fourth edition of 'Eating Expectantly.' Although the primary focus of the book is pregnancy nutrition, it also offers healthy li

Tips on How to Get Pregnant Fast - Other Ways to Increase Your Chances

Learning some tips on how to get pregnant fast can be your way of helping yourself to increase your chances of conceiving. Of course, if you and your partner have been trying for some time now and you still haven't got good results, it is always important to go to your doctor. A number of tests

Early Signs of Pregnancy - Are You Pregnant?

Find out the the most common and easily missed signs and symptoms of pregnancy. When you are well educated and prepared on pregnancy and what to expect, you will be more likely to enjoy the stages of pregnancy.

What Happens in the First Two Weeks of Pregnancy?

DevelopmentOnce the egg is fertilized, the cells begin to divide. As the cells, called the morula, divide, they move towards the uterus. A cluster of these cells becomes the embryo while the others form the placenta and the membranes that surround the growing embryo and later, the fetus....

How to Donate Female Human Eggs in Florida

The decision to donate your eggs to a couple incapable of having children of their own is a big one. While the financial reward is substantial, the process of donating takes several months, sometimes longer and involves invasive surgery. You will have to inject fertility drugs into yourself for seve

Unleashed From Infertility - Bear a Child With Pregnancy Miracle

Children's laughter is the most soothing music to the ears of every mother. Their smiles can even take away all the worries that every parent has experienced. But how can you enjoy those laughter and smiles of the little ones if for years you do not even experience getting pregnant?

How to Get Pregnant Fast - The Natural Ways

While there are a lot of couples who thinks that getting pregnant is easy. But this idea don't work always. Some couples were affected by infertility. This condition affects one in every six women. Reasons are may be due to stress, unhealthy lifestyle or that of biological abnormalities.