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Back Stretch On All Fours

A back stretch done in a hands and knees position is an important component of back pain relief. Here is how to do a back stretch on all fours. This back stretch will give you a lower back stretch and and upper back stretch.

Why Gardeners Need Help With Their Back Pain

Gardeners do need regular help with their back pain, to be able to keep going. Of all the occupations, gardening is probably the most taxing on the body. However, regular visits to body works can work out expense. Is there a cheaper, even more effective way?

Lower Back Pain - Why?

What causes lower back pain? For many sufferers of lower back pain or lumbago there may not be any fundamental cause of the back problem. Back pain can occur because of damage, tension or inflammation in any part of its complex structure from the coccyx (tailbone) to the cervical joints (neck). The

Shoulder Pain - Causes and Treatment

Shoulder Pain can be caused by a wide range of injuries or conditions. Here we look at the two types of shoulder injury, examples of these and how they should be managed.

The History of Headaches and What to Do With Them

The age old question so many ask and seek the answer to is "What is causing my recurring, debilitating headaches?" It could be incredible to imagine that "at birth" may have begun the process in some cases!

Headaches and Genetics

Learn about the strong genetic basis of primary headache disorders and the various genes involved.

Why Natural Pain Cures Are Better Than Taking Pills

Tens of millions of people routinely take over the counter and prescription strength medications for chronic aches and pains. The problem with taking pills is that they can lead to damage to the GI tract, the liver and the kidneys. Are there safer and even more effective ways to cure chronic pain pr

How Disc Injuries Occur

Discs are oblong-shaped pads found in between the vertebra of the spine. A disc is made of connective tissues and consists of a core of soft gel and a tough outer covering. Hence, discs make the back both stable and flexible as they are soft enough to allow the spine to bend and firm enough to keep

Visual Symptoms With Migraine

Scinitllating scotoma are the classic migraine aura. Many other visual symptoms can also precede migraine. These can be a clue to initiate treatment early for some patients.