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How to Use Silica to Heal Bulging Discs

Silica has many applications. These include being used a dietary supplement for nutritional purposes. Recent studies have found silica supplements help repair torn ligaments and muscles in the body, aid in the mineralization of bones and promote the growth of collagen, the cartilage that holds our b

Condition and Symptoms of Trigger Thumb

Trigger thumb is a condition whereas the thumb (or other finger) painfully locks in a bent position and can sometimes be returned to its normal state under pressure with a "snap." It can be extremely painful, and can have numerous causes.

Child Hip & Leg Pain Information

Parents may find that their child suffers from hip and leg pain at some point during adolescence. This pain ranges from mild to severe and requires medical care to rule out a serious injury.

How Does Fibromyalgia Manifest Itself?

About FibromyalgiaFibromyalgia is a rheumatological disease associated with chronic pain and increased sensitivity to physical stimuli. No one is sure what causes this disorder, but sufferers have been found to have an increased amount of Substance P in their spinal fluid. Substance P...

Causes of Hip Pain in Children

Short LivedOne major cause of hip pain is a condition known as transient synovitis. This is generally seen in children between the ages of 3 and 10 years of age. The tissues around the hip inflame and swell causing pain. This condition is more common in boys than girls and it is usually...

Bone Marrow Transplant Donor Risks

Some cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation can destroy a patient's bone marrow, leaving him in need of a transplant. Leukemia and lymphoma can be treated with a bone marrow transplant. Being a bone marrow transplant donor could mean saving a cancer patient's life. Before deciding to dona

Medicines for Knee Pain

People who suffer from chronic knee pain are, quite literally, in a world of hurt. The knee is the largest joint in the body, and when it is injured or diseased, the quality of life for the patient can become severely affected. Everyday activities become an effort, and even moderate physical exercis

Muscle of an Olympian

What separates Olympic athletes from the rest of us. We know that muscle composition varies between individuals, but can we train ourselves to have more fast-twitch or more slow-twitch muscle.

When Toenail Removal Becomes Necessary

The two common ways in which toenail removal becomes inevitable are ingrown toenails and an inside curved, thick toenail. An ingrown toenail usually makes the skin fold at one side and the thick skin surrounding it swells and becomes erythematous. The procedure for the removal of a nail begins with

What Are the Treatments for Osteopenia & Osteoporosis in Anorexia?

Eating disorders, especially anorexia nervosa, cause bone loss, which contributes to osteoporosis and osteopenia. Caused by calcium deficiency, malnutrition and low body weight, the symptoms are not present until it becomes severe. Severe osteoporosis and osteopenia treatment is usually included as

Patent Ductus Arteriosus Treatment

Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) is a congenital heart condition characterized by an absence of arterial closure that can adversely affect blood flow within the heart. Treatment for PDA can involve the administration of medication and, in some cases, may require surgery.

Somatic Cell Definition

Every organism is made up of cells, from the smallest single-celled organisms to the largest mammals and trees. According to "Merriam-Webster Dictionary," a "Somatic cell is one of the cells of the body that compose the tissues, organs, and parts of that individual other than the germ cells." In oth

Isometric Muscle Injury

People engage in many types of muscular exercise, including weight lifting, which involves movement, and isometric training, where a person exerts pressure against an immovable object. Just like weightlifting, a person can injure muscles during isometric exercise.

What Are the Treatments for Medial Meniscus Tears?

The menisci are in the gap between the knee bones.knee xray image by JASON WINTER from Fotolia.comThe menisci are two pieces of C-shaped cartilage that form a buffer between the tibia and femur bones in the knee. The medial meniscus, on the inside of the knee, provides joint stability and...

Bones That Make Up the Hip Joint

The hip joints allow a wide range of movement.bone 153 image by chrisharvey from Fotolia.comHip joints consist of a ball and socket that allow the highest range of movement possible compared to other joint types in the human body. The ball portion of the hip joint contains only one bone:...

What Causes Sesamoiditis in the Feet?

Sesamoiditis is an inflammatory condition which affects the sesamoid bones. While the condition can strike any of these bones in the body, it is most commonly the two bones in the foot which are affected. They are located at the base of the big toe, and when they become inflamed they can be highly p