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How to Make a Rope Stretcher

In many circumstances, a pleasant camping or hiking trip may become disastrous. If a member of the party is injured and cannot make it to a location that provides medical help, it may be necessary for other members of that party to transport the injured or afflicted person to safety. However, if tha

Surgery Wound Complications

The most common causes of surgical wound complications are bacteria, allergic reactions and thin skin at the wound site. Normally, the bacteria present on the skin is harmless because the skin acts as a barrier, but when the skin is broken, bacteria enter and start to grow. Bandages and antibiotic o

How to Write a Referral Appeal

Health insurance companies rarely will pay for you to visit a specialist like a cardiologist unless you are referred to that specialist by your primary physician. You can request that your physician refer you to the specialist and describe your symptoms or health problems that warrant you needing th

Lymphadema Management

People who have a malformed or damaged lymphatic system may suffer from a type of fluid retention called lymphedema. According to the National Cancer Institute, the body's lymph nodes create lymph, a mix of white blood cells and plasma, and circulate it throughout the body as an infection fighter. W

How to Report an Army Accident

The U.S. Army has clear guidelines and procedures for the reporting of an Army related accident. Such cases might pertain either to human injury or to damage delivered upon Army property, structures, or those involved in Army coordinated activities. As with most military approaches, these situations

Arm Injuries-Topic Overview

Minor arm injuries are common. Symptoms often develop from everyday wear and tear, overuse, or an injury.

How to Live With a Permanent Stoma

A stoma is a surgically created opening that connects a portion of the intestine or urethra to the outside of your body for waste removal. In some cases, the stoma is temporary, created so that remaining tissues can have time to heal. In other cases, if the disease is extensive or you have lost norm

How to Treat a Burn Bubble

A burn bubble, also known as a blister, most commonly appears with a second degree burn. A burn bubble is a raised pouch on top of the skin that is filled with fluid, usually clear in color. Burn bubbles occur when the skin is burned from contact with fire, heat or scalding. Properly treating a burn

How to Program a CNC Lathe Cut as an Undercut on a Core Heal

In the contemporary world of computer-aided design and manufacturing, processes run with the help of tools that use CNC (computerized numerical control) technology. The CNC lathe is such a tool.The CNC lathe is a computerized lathe that cuts different materials. An undercut is a cut made underneath