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How to Make a Travel Skirt

Savvy women know that wearability outranks fashion when taking business or pleasure trips, so having at least one travel skirt that looks as fresh when you arrive at destinations as it did when you grabbed a cab for the airport is a treasure to be cared for and cherished. There are three secrets to

Fall Fashion Trends 2009

Even though the temperature is still rising and we've barely begun to bake in the sun (bad, we know), we can't help but check out the hot new fashion trends for fall 2009! Check out all the fall 2009 fashion trends here.

How to Make a Wide Nose Look Smaller

A wide nose often detracts from the appeal of your face, drawing attention away from your eyes, mouth and neckline. Surgical operations are available to make your nose permanently smaller. However, these operations are invasive and expensive. According to Robert Jones, author of "Makeup Makeovers,"

What Is Your Skin Care Routine?

Skin covers your body. It's the sense of touch. And when you take care of your skin, you look AND feel great. So what is your skin care routine? How do you take care of your skin?

How to Make a Ballerina Tutu for a Child

Whether they are for dress-up play or ballet practice, ballerina tutus are easy to make and don't require many materials. You can make a tutu for your own child or for an entire group.

Finding The Best Laser Hair Removal Treatments In New York

Having unwanted hair can create an embarrassing situation. You need to keep your arms and legs smooth and clean to display a neat and polished look. Not only your arms and legs, your underarms and face also require being cleaned up.

Natural Tooth Whitening

A beautiful, white smile is important to a great first impression and self-confidence, but the damaging effects and the expensive price tag of the whitening systems on the market are not so attractive. Most whitening systems are composed of carbamide peroxide gels or hydrogen peroxide containing pol

How to Heal Gauged Ears

Gauging, or stretching, the ears is something of a trend, especially among the younger generations. It involves stretching a pierced hole until it is much larger than the original piercing. No matter much or how little you want to stretch your piercing, it is a gradual process. There are a couple of

How to Make an Eternity Ring From Your Grandmother's Ring

An eternity ring symbolizes everlasting love. Husbands often give eternity rings to their wives to celebrate an anniversary or a special occasion such as the birth of a child. Traditional eternity rings feature diamonds or gemstones around an entire band. The circular band with never-ending diamonds

Tea Tree Shampoo Benefits

Tea tree shampoo is easy to find and works great because it deep cleans your hair, prevents dandruff and makes your hair look wonderful. And you don't have to worry about any harmful chemicals.

Hair Coloring Ideas for Black Hair

Change your hair color for a new look.black-haired pretty girl image by Andrey Kiselev from Fotolia.comDark hair can be sultry and exotic. Whether your hair is naturally black, or you have dyed it black, you may want to change up your look. It can be difficult to color black hair; in...

Women With Facial Hair Shaving Vs. Waxing

Many women experience facial hair growth and remove the hair through various methods. While waxing and shaving are both appropriate ways to remove unwanted body hair, shaving is not recommended for women who want to remove hair from their faces. For facial hair removal, waxing is a better option.

Treatments Offered by a Typical Beauty Salon Service

Looking for a little professional help to boost up your appearance? There are several hair and beauty salons that offer a myriad of services and are giving a new definition to beauty. Find out how the

How to Retard Hair Growth

As undesirable as unwanted hair may be, fine hair on the upper lip, chin, abdomen or chest is normal in women. If the hair in these areas is dark or coarse, however, you may have a condition called hirsutism. Unwanted hair growth may be the result of high levels of the male hormone. Although hirsuti

How to Make a Onesie

Onesies act as shirts for babies that stay tucked inside pants. The convenient crotch closure makes for quick and easy diaper changes. Recycle old shirts from older kids into a custom onesie for babies with a few sewing supplies.

'50s Dress Up Ideas

A decade of burgeoning prosperity, the 1950s created a gallery of memorable looks that are still fun to re-create today. Gone were the fabric usage restrictions of World War II, so a number of '50s styles incorporated voluminous skirts. From the bombshell to the bad girl, women's styles emphasized c