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Arizona Mortgage Broker Compliance Laws

You've found your dream house--now you need a mortgage broker.house image by qadro from Fotolia.comMortgage brokers are the people you go to when you need a loan for that dream house down the block. Mortgage brokers have, in recent years, developed a bad reputation for some unethical...

Make Your Basics Clear on the Tier 5 Visa

If you are applying for the UK Immigration under Tier 5 Visa, it is important that you are aware of the details. There are several categories included under this type of Visa scheme. Let's talk ...

Short Term Disability Laws in Oklahoma

Oklahoma short term disability laws can protect you and your job.handicapped sign image by sonya etchison from Fotolia.comShort term disability laws are not in effect in all states; however, Oklahoma does recognize short term disability laws that you may need to utilize at some point...

Federal Regulations on Leave Without Pay Status

The Code of Federal Regulations offers guidance for LWOPBusinesswoman At Desk image by Monika 3 Steps Ahead from Fotolia.comLeave Without Pay (LWOP) refers to a non-pay status of time off work. Federal regulations for LWOP are located in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR); more...

Significance of business litigation matters

Running your business smoothly in the market is not possible until you are fully armed with all legal matters. Thus, have an experienced business litigation attorney on your side.

Forklift Attachment Regulations

Forklift attachment regulations protect workers who use forklifts on the job.forklift truck image by Steve Lovegrove from Fotolia.comForklifts are large machines that untrained workers can hurt themselves or others on. The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) creates...

How to Become a State Inspector

State inspectors work in sectors such as health care, agriculture and construction. To become a state certified inspector, you must first have a degree in the area of which you are applying or extensive work experience in that sector and some college courses.

Laws Against Trespassers in the State of Florida

Florida law defines trespassing as both a crime against a person or property. Trespassers can be charged in criminal and civil court, depending upon the nature of the offense. A person must knowingly enter another's property in order to be charged with a trespassing crime. Trespassing while in posse

Regulations On Foam Fire-Suppression in Aircraft Hangars

Fire protection measures are necessary for aircraft hangars.airport image by Svetlana Kashkina from Fotolia.comAccording to the federal National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), fire-accident protection measures have to be put into place to ensure the safety of aircraft hangars....

What to Consider When Hiring an Oil & Gas Lawyer

If you are a mineral owner, you may have already been contacted by another company with a mineral lease proposal. It is important to protect your rights as a landowner. Read this article on oil and ga

How to Get Public Assistance

It may become necessary to consider public assistance when economic hardships occur within a family. Public assistance can be for men and women who can’t find a job, are unable to work or who have a job and still can’t make ends meet. Public assistance helps families with basic living

Text Message Laws in Illinois

Reading or sending text messages while driving in Illinois became illegal Jan. 1, 2010, per Public Act 096-0130, which amends the state's vehicle code. The law covers cellular phones and other electronic devices, including portable digital assistants (PDAs) and portable or mobile computers. Electron

Safety & Risks Concerning Commercial Water Features

Water features add interest to commercial buildings and the open space that surrounds them. When designing public space, the developers must demonstrate that they have implemented reasonable safety features for both the design and wiring of the fountain or water feature.

Take the Cash and Run...351 Exchanges Explained

This article examines the 351 Exchange and how it pertains to c-corporations. The 351 exchange can be used by real estate owners who want to unload real estate while avoiding capital gains taxes. Unli