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Ways To Get Your Kids Into Organic Gardening

What a great legacy it is to teach our children how to garden organically. But how do we encourage them into the garden? By making it fun for them and giving them choice. Organic gardening is a great way to spend time with your kids and to help them understand the value of growing their own healthy,

Slugs & Strawberry Plants

Slugs are a common problem among strawberry plants, eating both leaves and fruit. Identifying slug problems in the strawberry patch is essential to keeping plants healthy and producing fruit.

Will Basil Grow All Year?

In most U.S. climates, it is impossible to grow basil outdoors year-round. Basil plants are very tender and frost-sensitive, grown as annuals. Basil is native to the warm, tropical climates of India and Asia, where it has been prized as a medicinal and culinary herb -- and cultivated as a perennial

Dicamba on Birch Trees

Herbicides like dicamba, when used properly, can certainly be an effective and potent weapon in the battle against unwanted vegetation. Herbicides can, however, also carry with them some unintended consequences. If used improperly, herbicides can damage or even kill plants that you wish to keep aliv

Bamboo Big Is Beautiful - Or Is A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?!

Big is NOT always Best. Do not be fooled by the tremendous foliage and mass of leaves, this is not the real story! GET to the ROOTS, Take a look at your Bamboo plant or any plant for that matter and LET the roots show the true health of your plant.

Garden And Outdoor Furniture Helps To Accent Nature

Tending to a backyard garden can take time and perseverance. The result can be well worth the effort. Embracing a practice that dates back over thirty seven thousand years, Americans spend an increasing amount on home gardens and landscaping. Choosing the right garden furniture accents can turn your

Selecting Your Gardening Tools

Hints on how to assess the best gardening tools for your use and how to maintain them for peak performance.This should be a long, happy association!

Irrigation: Whats The Cost?

One of the key concerns that modern gardeners face is how best to utilize one of the most important resources to their projects, that is to say water. There are a of myriad different methods that deal with this problem and each has their own benefits and drawbacks, ranging from their basic efficienc

How to Produce Rolling Tobacco at Home

Being a smoker offers numerous options. Cigars are popular with many. Some prefer the aromatic blends of tobacco that can be smoked with a pipe. A more exotic method of smoking tobacco is the hookah. ...

How to Handle the Problems of Growing Tomatoes

If you have a vegetable garden, you probably want to add tomatoes as one of the plants. Although tomatoes are actually fruits, everyone seems to regard them as vegetables.

Traditional Wisdom or Old-fashioned Nonsense?

The traditional gardening methods that we have learned from our parents or older gardening books are the best, or are they? Modern commercial growers have often proved that this is not always true. Take the ...

How to Use a Banquette As a Room Divider

Banquettes offer the casual seating of a restaurant booth combined with extra storage space. These benches are popular in breakfast nooks because of their coziness and utility. Although you most often place them against the wall, they fit in other areas as well. Additionally, banquettes have room di

How to Make an Outdoor Hydroponic System

The hydroponics method of gardening uses water and a soilless medium to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. Making your own outdoor hydroponic system is low in cost and allows you to control the amount of nutrients available to the plants for optimum growth. A deep-water outdoor system requires mini

Limited by Space? A Mini Herb Garden is the Answer

When you are limited by space it sometimes takes some creative garden design to get the number and variety of plants that you want. A small container garden, sometimes called a mini herb garden, can meet these needs, whether on the top of an office desk or your kitchen windowsill.

The Best Plants for Pots in Florida

Many plants flourish when grown in pots in Florida.series object on white flowerpot image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from Fotolia.comContainer gardening in pots offers those with limited space the ability to still enjoy numerous plants. Placing pots around patios, decks, porches and pools in...

Herb Garden Kits - The Importance of Having a Plant Encyclopedia

As an herbalist, you should know that there's more to the care of your plants than just simply pruning and watering them. Investing in a plant encyclopedia as an addition to your herb garden kits will give you quite an invaluable resource that's going to provide you with all of the knowled