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Customs Defining the Authenticity of Adi Dravida Matrimony

Indian culture religiously follows its traditional culture, which gets inherited from one generation to another. Indian wedding is a reflection of the traditions followed in the Indian culture, which includes a lot of rites and ...

Analysing Spousal Relationships Using Zi Wei Dou Shu (ZWDS)

In my course of practising Chinese Astrology, one of the most common questions being asked is what I can foresee about their marriage now and in the future.As a marriage has far reaching effects for many parties directly or indirectly involved, I hope readers will take this opportunity to learn some

How to Achieve a Healthy Marriage

It is essential to have a good healthy relationship with your spouse. If at some point this crumbles, it could really damage your marriage. There are many reasons as to why a marriage could crumble. We will start with communication. This is important and almost vital for every marriage.

Stylish Hen Nights

If your hen party is to take place in the holiday season, so you couldn't ignore the general spirit, why not to choose a costume party blending both events: your second-last big day and the Christmas party? While you don't want to be Santa Claus because you are too modest and think, agains

Wedding Banquet or Cocktail Party

The most difficult choice for every couple is, perhaps, the type of the wedding reception. But if you thoroughly consider all the cons and pros of different variants, you'll easily choose the most appropriate one.

Make Him Fall in Love - Put Time in Fast Forward

How long does it take to make a man fall in love? Wouldn't it be nice if guys just moved along right in sync with you? Why do they take so much time to advance to each level in a relationship?

Tips to Overcoming a Failed Marriage

A divorce is never an easy process for the people involved, but it is important to remember that your life isn’t over. While reality can feel defeating, if you pick yourself up and carry on, you will find that your life can still have meaning and enjoyment after the divorce finalizes.

Can You Hypnotize a Man to Love You? The Surprising Answer

Is it possible for a woman to hypnotize a man to love her? As women we often want to find a way to magically make the man we adore feel the same way about us. Hypnotism seems like something saved for stage shows or those who want to lose weight or quit smoking. The truth is that there are a few thin

Signs of cheating spouse

People who are bonded by marriage often do so in a hurry or due to family and societal pressures. The practice of cheating a spouse and having an extramarital affair has been there across many ...

5 Marriage Tips To Save A Marriage You Want Saved

These 5 tips will save your marriage if you want your marriage to be saved. Tip 1: identify the problem. What has happened to your marriage? Has it become dull and mundane? Does your partner ...

Is There A Way to Make Him Stay When He Wants Out?

So, the women in this situation are often looking for the magical solution that is going to change his mind quickly and decidedly enough to make him want to stay. And, it seems that that the worse the man wants to go or the sooner he is going to leave, the more the woman feels that she needs an imme

Divorce Lawyer Nyc for Legal Assistance

So, if you are also looking forward to get a divorce in New York, it is better to start searching for a divorce lawyer today! There are both affordable and expensive lawyers in New York. You can hire

What Is Marriage And Why Do People Get Married?

What is marriage? Marriage is, strictly and legally speaking, a contractual arrangement between two people that establish kinship. It is a relationship involving two people that are formalized in a ce