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How to Cite a Case in a Memo in Bluebook Format

While drafting a legal memo for a boss or colleague, it may become necessary to cite case law to explain or support a legal position. Bluebook is the reference used in the legal profession for scholarly articles and documents filed in court. If you are unfamiliar with Bluebook format, citing a case

SES Resume Writing Tips

Applying to a Senior Executive Service position is not easy. Not only must you demonstrate excellence as well as a great amount of leadership, but you must also go though the fastidious SES hiring pro

Will I Be Able To Poll Or Test My Web Users In Real Time?

If you are recording a webinar for the first time, you will start to see features that you were not aware of. A webinar is a live online video presentation. The best part about webinar's is that you are able to poll what audience you have in real time, and you can use your polls for a letter sa

Steam Turbines Description

Steam turbines are a popular and environmentally friendly means of producing energy. These machines turn steam into electricity using simple, proven technology.

Eliminate Writing Deadline Stress - 5 Simple Suggestions

Do you have easy access to that writing deadline date? The word 'deadline' in itself seems to imply stress. When it comes to writing and deadlines the two words may seem to go hand in hand and it just gets worse if you misplace your deadline date. Here are five simple suggestions to assist

Be a Home-Based Freelance Writer

For those who want to work from their homes, freelance writing offers a good opportunity. There are many advantages to being a work-from-home freelance writer. First, it allows you to choose your working hours and second, you have control with how much you want to earn monthly. If you are interested

How to Write a Fiction Book

In this article I will present you with some advice about writing fiction. I will try to make it as short and as valuable as possible.

Speak For Success

Being able to stand out and deliver a compelling presentation will set you apart. Read tips to help you be a better presenter. An important aspect of business success today is the ability to communicate effectively. Not only with the written word but to be able to stand out and deliver a speech or p

SEO Article Writing Service - How to Set Yours Apart From the Rest

Are you one of those people who are trying to make money by offering SEO article writing services in the online arena? Then, you must be aware about the stiff competition in this field. In this article, I wish to help you set your offerings apart from the rest. This is the best thing that you can do

The Things We Do For...

The economy of most countries around the globe is suffering from unwanted recession which includes limited job positions. Some may say one cause could be corruption. Others see overpopulation as the core of lesser and ...

Article Writing Solutions - How to Get Your Audience to Read On

Are you having a hard time getting your audience to read your articles until the end? Then, let me share with you some great solutions to your problems. Follow these religiously and I can guarantee you that your readers will be more than happy to spend their time reading your articles word for word.

How to Effectively Moan in Your Writing

How unusual states of being or unusual circumstances are the basis for creative writing efforts. How to encourage and filter those writing prompts.

Video Match Rentals - The Potential Of Video Clip Activity Renting

Video game rentals have always been a great way for gamers to enjoy a variety of games without forking out major cash to do so. For many years, video game fanatics have enjoyed the ability to test out their reputable games before they make that...

Master The Uncertainty Of Presentations

Why try to fool ourselves? Presenting to a group is fraught with uncertainty. If you want to know exactly what will happen at every moment, you’d be better off hiding in the closet. Here’s the secret for feeling confident in every situation…