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How to Catalog a CD Collection

The most important thing to remember when attempting to organize a CD disc collection is that your system must allow you to find a compact disc efficiently. This can be accomplished by assigning tags or descriptions to each item, similar to tagging practices used in online social media and informati

An Explanation Of Stepping

Stepping is a form of dance that was originated by African American college students. With this percussive dance, the entire body is used as an instrument to create various intricate rhythms and sounds through a combination of foot stomping, clapping, and spoken words.

The ABC's of Ventriloquism Dolls

When practicing to imitate a voice from afar, the student of ventriloquism should first call out 'Hello' in the natural voice, and try to imagine, when he repeats it ventriloquially, that the latter instead of requiring a separate attempt is merely the echo of an effect already finished. T

5 Tips for Increasing Audiences

When it comes to increasing audiences, it's important to stay motivated, attentive, and -- most of all -- creative! With that in mind, here are just a few new brainstorms and approaches that could be truly transformative when it comes to filling those seats.

How to Make a Shadow Puppet Show

Shadow puppetry is among the world’s oldest theatrical forms, tracing back to ancient Indian and Chinese dynasties. The puppeteers used their art to dramatize tales from religion, myth and history in shows often presented for the upper class and royalty. Although professional shadow puppet com

Comedy Magic - Putting Comedy in Your Magic Act

Without any doubt, comedy is the one ingredient which appeals most to an audience and supplies the greatest possibility for an entertainer who uses magic as his material. Just look at who are the highest paid entertainers on film and television - the majority are comedians! So how does a magician ad

Pianist Rudolf Buchbinder Pursues Many Interests

Pianist Rudolf Buchbinder does not spend his valuable time practicing; he fills his days with projects that illuminate him. Along with being one of the world's great musicians, he is a serious collector of autographed scores, first editions, and original documents. When he is not performing or

How You Can Make It in Show Business

I have 2 pieces of advice that were given to me early in my career and it changed my life: 1. Be the best you, you can be. No one is going to be better at it than you. Don't try to be somebody else. Chances are there will be somebody better at it than you. 2. Learn to love auditioning because y

Dance Competitions - Tricks Or Technique - A Judge's Point of View

Judges are concerned that teachers and dancers are replacing technique with tricks.It is important to remember that no amount of tricks work if the basics are not sound.Choreography should contain the dance elements that the dancer has accomplished.The goal of dancers and choreographers is to create


The "bottom" of the stage; the area of the stage closest to the audience.

Learn to Dance - Discipline in Dancing

Dancing is fun and should be enjoyed, but if you are going to get into a serious dance class, I believe that you should understand the essence of discipline. What is discipline in dancing? Every kind of dance requires a specific type of discipline.