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Caesar the Day!

Classicist Barry Strauss discusses his new book, The Death of Caesar, and the dictator's enduring legacy.

Monet Painting Projects

Claude Monet was a French Impressionist painter from the late 19th century until the early 20th century. He is still well-known among artists and art historians, which makes his work a valuable tool for art students to use as a model to improve and expand their own styles of painting. Art student ca

Suffect Consuls

The Consules Suffecti or Suffect Consuls were replacement consuls.

What Brought Down the Great Han Dynasty in China?

The Han Dynasty ruled China during one of the country's golden ages, but it collapsed at roughly the same time as the similarly illustrous Gupta Empire in India, and the Roman Empire in the Mediterranean. Why did Han China fall?

History of Gamelan

History of gamelan, Indonesia's signature traditional musical style.

Unfinished Warrior: USS Kentucky (BB-66)

USS Kentucky (BB-66) was an Iowa-class battleship that was cancelled while still under construction. In the years after World War II several plans for USS Kentucky were put forward but the vessel was later scrapped.

Quotes from James Madison

Check out these quotes from James Madison, the fourth president of the United States.

Civil War Leaders: Major General George Sykes

Major General George Sykes was a Union commander during the American Civil War. A West Point graduate, George Sykes saw service during the Mexican-American War and later led the US Regulars during the early days of the Civil War. George Sykes led the Union V Corps during the Battle of Gettysburg but

Paint Peeling Off of Original Painted Cabinets

Cabinets are an essential part of kitchen designs, and an element that decides both the overall look and functionality of the space. The kitchen presents a few challenges for the paint on cabinets, as it tends to have more heat and humidity than other locations. Peeling is a problem in some settings

How to Paint Abstract Expressionist Paintings

Abstract expressionist art--or action art, as it has also been called--is defined by its emphasis on emotional or spontaneous content not based in reality. Abstract expressionist art gained its popularity in the 1950s as a backlash against rampant McCarthyism. Many artists found themselves victims t


the Arverni were a Gallic tribe that produced the war leader Vercingetorix.

Bold & Daring: Commodore Stephen Decatur

Stephen Decatur rose to prominence during the Barbary Wars when he led a daring raid to destroy the captured frigate USS Philadelphia. During the War of 1812, he gained further fame when he captured the British frigate HMS Macedonian. A national hero, Stephen Decatur was killed in duel by Commodore

Aemilius Paulus

Short description of Aemilius Paulus, a second century Roman general.