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How to Safely Handle Produce to Avoid Food Borne Illness

More and more often there are outbreaks of salmonella or E. coli , both of which are food borne illnesses. A recent outbreak of salmonella related to tomatoes caused restaurants and even many stores to toss out and quit selling tomatoes. With more and more food being imported across borders and from

How to Make a Homemade Spicy Veggie Pizza

The Italian cuisine is one of many flavors that can please even the most sensitive palate. Believe it or not, Italian recipes are some of the easiest to create right in your own kitchen. A little preparation will go a long way when creating a delicious, flavorful, and most importantly healthy veggie

Milk Powder Instructions

Milk powder keeps significantly longer than fresh milk. You can keep boxed powdered milk for up to six months with proper storage, according to the University of Georgia. Fresh raw milk, on the other hand, only stays good for 7 to 10 days even in optimal storage conditions, according to Raw-Milk-Fac

Horseradish Sauce

Serve this horseradish sauce with cooked ham, roast beef, or corned beef. Horseradish sauce recipe with cream cheese, horseradish, sugar, lemon juice, and cream.

How to Make a Frozen Mudslide

When you are craving a delicious creamy drink on a hot summer day, make a frozen mudslide. This refreshing drink is sometimes referred to as a "milkshake for adults" because of its alcoholic content. Whip up a batch in your blender, sit back and enjoy the day.

Designer Cakes In Delhi Along Online Cakes Delivery

Delhi, the capital of India has much cake delivery in Delhi shops. For the convenience of the customer these bakeries have started online operation. One can at leisure order cake online from the cake sites. The best cake shops in Delhi has started this facility to make even the minute celebrations t

Beans in Palm Oil

Red Red is one of Ghana's most loved dishes. It is a stew made from tomatoes and onions fried in palm oil, with black eyed peas added. It is normally served with fried plantain.

Did You Know Rich In Essential Vitamins And Fiber?

The Mediterranean Diet is based on the diet of people living in Greece, Italy, Southern France and Spain. Mediterranean's consume about the same amount of fat as Northern Europeans and Americans yet live longer, have a lower incidence of heart disease and cancer, and lower cholesterol levels.

How to Bring Avocados for Lunch and Keep Fresh

Avocados are a rich source of vitamins and minerals including vitamin E and potassium. In addition, they increase the absorption rate of other nutrients when consumed at the same time. Add them to your lunch choices for a healthy midday meal. They present a challenge when being stored for several ho

How to BBQ Pork Shoulder

Before going out to eat at a traditional barbecue restaurant, consider to barbecue pork shoulder on your grill. The pork shoulder actually consists of the pork butt and the picnic cut, which is the front leg and shoulder of the pork. It is important to use the low and slow technique when barbecuing

How Long Can You Freeze Fresh Cranberries?

The freshness of cranberries affects the length of time they can be kept frozen.cranberries image by Patrick Moyer from Fotolia.comUp to One YearAccording to the Cranberry Institute, fresh cranberries can be frozen for up to one year provided the cranberries are sealed either in a freezer...

The Best Way to Make Covered Pretzels

Covered pretzels provide a unique combination of salty and sweet. The options for coverings are limited only by what you have on hand and whether you can dip a pretzel in it. Chocolate, white chocolate and other candy coatings are popular, but you can also use mint chips, peanut butter chips or butt