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The Art of Forgiveness and How to Use it to Get Back Your Ex

Being dumped from a relationship sucks! And being the dumper is not much better! Both suffer from pangs of guilt over what they have done (dumper) and what they should have done (dumped). But should you let those guilty feelings rule your life or should you forgive and forget?

Signs when your ex wants you back

Break up is hard. We all know what we go through after a break up, sometimes it is not even worth it, if you are looking for some sign when your ex wants you back or if you just want to get back with

You and Your Ex Will Get Back Together

If you truly love to get back together with your ex, then you will have to do quite a bit of soul searching. You have got to be utterly honest with yourself. Hiding from reality does not solve the problem as it is just a plain form of escapism. You will have to make a clean decision as to whether yo

Get your ex back with some easy steps!

Are you in trouble relationship. Remember there is still chances out there that you can get your ex girlfriend back,but it doesn't happen overnoght

4 Easy Ways To Get Over A Break Up

Being lost in the bliss of True Love is like walking on air. However, the truth of the matter is you may be walking on a very thin rope in getting over break up, and when that material snaps you find yourself hurt and helpless. Here are some four ways on how to get over a break up.

Does He Deserve You?

Does your man meet your emotional and physical needs? How many times have you told him what you wanted, but he gave you what he wanted you to have? Are men telling you, "You can do better or Tell your man that his is one lucky man" and insist that you take their number?

How To Get An Ex Back - 3 Simple Tips To Do It

I understand how you're feeling right now. He or she was 'the one' and you devoted your time and life to keep the relationship going strong. And after a few months or years,

5 Best Tips to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back in Your Life

Are you suffering from heartbreak and rejection because of the breakup? Ever wondered what it would take to get your ex girlfriend back in your life? Read and discover a few tips when it comes to winning back your girl.

Get My Ex Back - What If I Could Do It Today - Really What If?

Get my ex back is probably all that is going through your mind since your breakup. Over and over you roll the thought around in your head, trying to devise a way to accomplish that singular goal. What if I could get back together quickly and in a short period of time, you ask yourself.

Breakup Advice For Spouses Who Want Their Ex Back

This article provides tips to newly separated spouses and offers advice on winning their spouses back. It includes advice about not playing games and being open and honest about one's feelings and a ton of other tips as well.

Break Up Songs To Die For - Sing Out the Pain

Time after break up is one of the most trying times in one's life. The feeling is so strong and you can feel your heart aching. Your favorite dish starts having a soil-like taste. No TV show is interesting enough to hold your attention. Alcohol only blurs the pain. The only source of solace is

Do You Miss Your Ex Boyfriend?

Most of us have been there at one point or another.It's been a few days or weeks since you have talked to your ex-boyfriend and then out of nowhere the emotions start rushing in - Why do I miss him?Did I make a mistake?

How to Save a Marriage - Proven Step-by-Step Method!

If you are looking for ways on how to save a marriage then the first step towards it is to work together to prevent it from ending in a divorce. It can be very heart wrenching to watch a couple falling apart when once they were so close to each other.

T-Rex - An Intolerable Cruelty!

A few years ago we had a bad boss. He (we'll call him T-Rex) was a hot-tempered and pompous HARI-Sadu type - exactly as they show it on the TV ad: "H for Hitler, A for Arrogant, R for Rascal and I for Idiot... ". That's right!