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Web Development Services At Affordable Rates

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Classroom Polling App Makes Conference Nice

The conventional worker assist discussion call have for all time involved a squad of operators with the intention of were desirable to act in response all of the innermost bound calls from the conferees to ...

How to Open Office Word 97 With WordPad

The many features of Microsoft Word 97 make it a program of choice when producing documents. Unfortunately, these documents generally require the expensive Word program to open. One alternative is to use WordPad to open these files. WordPad is included for free with the Windows operating system but

How to Make a Custom Brochure in Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is one of the best applications to use in designing a brochure. The program allows you to really customize it in a large number of ways. You can also add pictures, charts, drawings or other graphics to it. You will need to have Microsoft Publisher, the data and graphics desired,


A Dialer is basically a device or program that sets up a connection of a computer to the internet via phone line. Back in the day, it was a device used for modifying and identifying a phone number when connected in series with the phone and its line.

Improve Customer Experience With Customer Interaction Services

Good customers are as rare as Latinum - treasure them” is an old Klingon proverb, but how many enterprises can actually do that. In today’s hypercompetitive business environment, every enterprise across every industry knows the value of customers. Customers are the lifeblood of any organ

How to Convert FLAC Files to WMA Lossless Files

"Lossless audio" means that no audio information is deleted when an audio stream is converted to a digital format. The Free Lossless Audio Codec, or FLAC, is not supported by many players or other devices. Windows Media Audio, or WMA, is more widely supported and provides the option of a lossless au

How to Have the Text in a Text Box Disappear Once You Click It

Adding a bit of text inside a text box is a quick way to explain what it is for, while keeping the appearance of the text box tidy. Once visitors click on the text box in order to input information, though, it helps to customize the text box so that the text will disappear upon click in order to pre


Define file-types-capplet - from the Linux / Unix / Computing glossary at About.com.

What Are the Capabilities of MS Excel?

Microsoft Excel is ideal for organizing large amounts of data.Image Source White/Valueline/Getty ImagesMicrosoft Excel, part of the Microsoft Office suite, is widely used both at home and at businesses for organizing data. The capabilities of Excel include creating workbooks--as well as...

How Can I Run an Integrity Check on a SQL Server 2005 Express Database?

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition does not include SQL database maintenance utility, which is a component of the standard Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or later. One of the main functions of this utility is to check the logical and physical integrity of all objects in the specified database. By

How to Make a Lightsaber in Gimp

GIMP is a freeware graphics program that rivals Photoshop in its capabilities. In the past, if you wanted a cool effect for an image, you automatically went to Photoshop. But GIMP is changing all that. Just one example of this is the ability to make a glowing lightsaber in GIMP.

Software Product Documentation

How to write good documentation for your product and why it is important ? The ideal software would be free of errors and so easy to use that everybody would be familiar with it the minute they start the application.

Document Management Solutions - Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is a document management system? Answer: A document management system is a tool which helps convert all hard paper documents into electronic format and archive it for future retrieval. All the paper ...

How to Convert M4P to PSP

The M4P format was developed by Apple to encode music tracks that are retailed through the iTunes store. All M4P files are published with the company's Fairplay DRM protection, a form of digital encryption that limits the amount of computers the media can be played on. Before the digital audio can b

How to Print Multiple Copies in Word

Microsoft Word 2010 makes it easy for users to print multiple copies of a document. Unlike older versions of Microsoft Word, which would open a separate dialog box for configuring the printer and print options, Microsoft Office 2010 integrates the print options into the main window. The settings on

Blob Brush

With new features like multiple Artboards and the vastly improved gradient tool, Illustrator CS4 is one of the best Illustrator upgrades ever. Browse this screen shot tour to learn more about the what's new in Illustrator CS4.

How to Create Christmas Cards With Corel Painter X

Corel Painter X allows you to paint with digital brushes, which emulate real media such as acrylics, oils, watercolors and pastels. Images can be created for print by sizing the image before you create it. Then you can paint your design and save the image. Many Christmas cards are five by seven inch