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How to Track the Number of Visitors to a Tumblr Site

Tracking the visitors to your Tumblr blog can help you identify how popular your blog is and what type of content is the most attractive to your readers. Visitor tracking for Tumblr is done through Google Analytics; in addition to counting how many visitors your blog welcomes, you will also be able

Award-Winning Orange County Web Design Firm

No matter which industry a business is in, a website is essential for its success even if it is not actually selling anything online. The first thing that people do today is connect to the ...

The Effective Marketing Tool for Real Estate Sector

In the current time of competitiveness in the real estate market, it is essential to opt for the best marketing techniques to expand your business. One of the most effective means is the Internet.

Mobile Application Development Australia - Security Matters

Hackers are taking advantage of weak security system into penetrating your computers either to get sensitive information or destroy data through viruses and malware. Most of the weakness can be traced to improper mobile application ...

Net Services and its use for business

.Net Services is current buzzword in application development field. There are various application we can develop in .NET. .Net development and software let the businesses realize improvements in the t

How to Compile a Python File

Python is slightly different from most other programming languages, both higher- and lower-level, in that it does not need to be compiled all the way to binary code in order to run. Rather, standard implementations of Python compile the code, on-the-fly, to byte code, every time the script is run. T

Java: How to Install an Auto Update

Applets on Web pages and desktop applications written in the Java programming language require Oracle's Java software present on your computer to run. Oracle releases regular updates for its Java runtime software. These updates fix security vulnerabilities, stability bugs and add new features. Java

5 Ways On How To Start A Web Development Blog?

If you are an expert web developer and have an experience of several years in web industry, then why not pen down your experience and offer solutions to the problems that people face regarding web ...

Free Website Audit Service-Web Design Agency Birmingham

Free Website Audit Service-Web Design Agency Birmingham As Google imposes more stringent measures and penalties --- from high ads to content ratio to link spam -- an annual or semi-annual website audit has become a ...

Banner design being a reason for company's success

Banners on the web page tell a lot about a company or business. How well this article will take a look at a few concepts that buyers think about when they see websites and banners. ...

Web Design Has to Be Made Carefully for Flash

Flash is a technology that is being used by more websites than ever before. This doesn't mean that it is going to work every single time. A web design plan needs to be used carefully ...