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How to Make Sound From Voice Chat Go to a Headphone Mic

Computers are increasingly being used as communication hubs in which software and hardware allow users to connect with each other. One of these methods is voice chat, which is offered by several services. The key to using voice chat is having the right settings on your computer so that your headphon

How to Disable Adobe Phone Home

When a computer application "Phones Home," it uses the Internet to communicate with a Web server. Usually this server belongs to the company that created the application. Adobe products have a program that checks with Adobe to see if your product requires updates, then installs them. If you have pri

How to Run a Dll As an App Rundll32.Exe

Rundll32 will allow you to run certain functions from within a DLL file as though they were an application of their own. However, the Rundll32 executable cannot call any function from any DLL; only functions that were written expressly to be called by the Rundll32 function of your Windows operating

How to Use HughesNet

HughesNet provides high-speed Internet accesses via satellite for people living in remote areas without access to other high-speed Internet options. Available throughout the United States, HughesNet customers can access the Internet using signals beamed between a satellite and a dish connected to th

How to Start Task Manager From the Run Command Prompt

Windows Task Manager is an administrative application that ships with all Microsoft Windows operating systems. This application provides a number of tools that make monitoring and managing currently running programs and system processes simple. According to Microsoft Support, Task Manager also prov

How to Reinstall CS4

Adobe CS4 is a suite of applications that allow you to publish almost any type of content, including newspapers, pamphlets, letters, business cards and posters as well as audio CDs, video DVDs, Web video and flash animations. Sometimes, if one of your programs stops working and you cannot figure out

How to Clean and Reinstall Operating System XP

When a computer comes with Windows XP operating system, it offers the option to erase all of the data on the hard drive and re-install it. This clean installation helps remove existing errors and prevent more from cropping up later. Re-installing Windows XP can be accomplished with a few straight-fo

How to Change a Virtual Memory Location

The virtual memory file (paging file) on your computer is automatically designed to reside on your "C:" hard drive. This hard drive is the main drive for your computer, and is the one that your Windows operating system is installed on. You can manually change the location of your virtual memory file

Advantages & Disadvantages of Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2

Keyboard.computer image by fotografiche.eu from Fotolia.comSince each Windows operating system is extremely large and has many components, there are often small glitches or "under-performing" areas within the software. Service packs are a group of software fixes, patches and enhancements...

Storm Window Types

If your home has older windows, you may notice that cold air seeps inside during the winter and moisture may seep into the frame when it rains. Even heat can sneak inside when temperatures rise. Replacement windows are an effective solution, but they can be costly. Storm windows are a budget-friend

How to Disable Unpatched Laptops

Seemingly healthy and glitch-free laptops does not imply they are safe for use. Software developers and companies periodically issue patches or updates to operating systems, programs and applications when performance and security problems have been identified. However, some problems may go unpatched

How to Install nanoKEY in Ableton Live

The Korg nanoKey USB MIDI device allows you to control digital audio software like Ableton Live using a 25-key piano-style keyboard. The nanoKey's keys are velocity-sensitive, meaning that the harder you press a key, the louder Ableton Live will play the note. You can use the nanoKey to play any of

How to Validate Windows XP SP2

Validating your copy of Windows XP is not necessary but it allows you to take advantage of the Microsoft Download Center. The Microsoft Download Center offers hundreds of free downloads to enhance your productivity and fun, including games, themes, tools and more. So while it is not necessary, there

System Security Tools

Protect a machine against virus threats.virus alert image by dead_account from Fotolia.comSystem security protects a machine from unauthorized access. Unauthorized access can lead to data loss and stolen private information. Malware is responsible for some identity theft cases, and it can...

How to Install a Windows Me Upgrade CD Without a Previous CD

Installing your Windows Me Upgrade Edition CD can be done from within a DOS environment by using a boot CD before using the upgrade CD, but that is not necessary. Install your upgrade CD from within your existing edition of Windows, avoiding the need to swap out the CD for another copy. The upgrade

Window Casing & Trim Ideas

Window trim creates a clean finish to interior window design.master bedroom 35 image by redking from Fotolia.comA careful pairing of window casing and trim transforms a simple window into the visual focal point of a room. Detailed wood trim complete with carvings or inlays adds an elegant...

How to Get LivePix to Work With Windows XP Home Edition

LivePix, a discontinued photo software suite released by Kodak, enables you to view and modify pictures on your computer. Designed to run under earlier editions of Windows, LivePix will initially have problems with your Windows XP Home Edition computer, as it is not engineered to take advantage of t

My Toshiba Disk Drive Is Not Working With Vista Premium

The hard disk drive (HDD) contains the system files the computer requires to run the Windows Vista Home Premium operating system (OS). Consumers must activate their copies of Windows Vista within 30 days of installation to continue accessing all of the features included with the OS. Toshiba provides

How to Install Windows XP on a Server

Server computers are generally intended to run server-based operating systems, but there is nothing substantial standing in your way if you wish to install a "normal" operating system such as Windows XP. Perform this task when you wish to use your server PC as a more client-based computer. Accomplis