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Ink Toner Cartridges - Toner Versus Ink

Laser printers and inkjet printers are popular items with computer users in the UK and all over the world. While both types of printer deliver clear, crisp copies, the processes they use are very different. Here's some information about the types of ink contained ink toner cartridges and inkjet

Computer Drives - How Many Different Kinds Are There?

Computer drives are much better at reading CD-R than stand alone DVD players. DVD players are more likely toproduce glitches in the picture, but on a computer these errors are corrected.There are different removable carriers in which serially and parallel connected computer drives are enclosed.

How to Connect to HP Officejet J6450 Wirelessly

If you have a wireless Internet connection and own a Hewlett Packard Officejet J6450 printer, you will receive the most from your purchase by connecting it to the wireless network. By connecting the printer to a wireless network, you can print documents using the HP Officejet J6450 printer from anyw

Relieve Your Stress - Partner With the OnPlatinum ICT

Many SMEs and organisations spend countless frustrating and stressful hours looking for or dealing with multiple vendors for their information, communication and technology (ICT) needs. Having separate suppliers for business grade internet, IT managed services, ...

How to Automatically Add Album Art in iTunes

The introduction of iTunes cover flow view has stoked user interest in adding artwork to a song library. Cover flow allows users to flip through a song library as if they were flipping through stacks of vinyl or CD album covers. You can automatically add album artwork to tracks in iTunes by using th

How to Restore the Hotkeys on a Laptop HP

Hotkeys are preconfigured commands that allow the user to execute specific operations. Depending on your particular Hewlett-Packard laptop, hotkeys are typically used to launch and control audio, video, imaging and other multimedia devices and operations. Restoration of hotkeys is accomplished by

How Does ZigBee Work?

The ZigBee Alliance is a group of companies that produce wireless communication devices that are reliable, inexpensive, and have very low power requirements. ZigBee standards were created in the late 1990s, when it became evident that Bluetooth was not going to be appropriate for certain...

How to Overclock a Gateway PC

The term "overclocking" refers to a technique of increasing the performance of an electronics device, particularly a computer. Some Gateway PC users overclock their computers beyond the manufacturer's specifications to increase the speed of the central processing unit or CPU. A faster CPU provides b

How Does a Print Server Work?

If we want to connect multiple Personal Computers to a Printer, or we want to share a Printer on a network, then we usually need a device referred to as a Print Server. Often a Print Server is just a computer with a number of computers shared on the network, but more often it is a dedicated device t

How to Erase the Password Protection on a ThinkPad Hard Drive

IBM ThinkPad hard drives have the ability to by secured by setting a supervisor password. The hard drive cannot be used and none of the data on it can be accessed without first entering the supervisor password. If it is no longer necessary to password-protect your hard drive, removing the password a

About Disk Defragment

The process of defragmenting a computer disk consists of file-management methods to improve system stability. This procedure is generally used as part of various performance-improvement techniques within an operating system. The use of disk defragment software contains a list of benefits and setback

How Do I Check the Ink Level in an HP C5580?

It seems ink runs out at the most inopportune times. Just when you're about to print your final dissertation that's due the following day, you realize your ink levels are drained. To avoid similar scenarios, HP installs the HP Solution Center during installation of your HP Photosmart C5580 All-in-On

How to Free Up RAM on Your PC

Random access memory, or RAM, is the short-term or operating memory in a personal computer, and it is responsible for how the PC runs. Slow-running PCs are frustrating, and limited or misused RAM is a key culprit when computers become sluggish. There are different reasons why inefficient RAM can slo

Pioneer Releases the First Ever 12x Blu-ray Drives - BDR-205

Blu-ray technology has, without doubt, revolutionized the way we experience movies and games. With its high-power definitions, storage, and quality of video, it has left viewers spellbound and dumbstruck. Although it was thought that this technology would never become affordable, with the advent of

How to Insert a Blank CDR

Manufacturers design computer Compact Disc (CD) drives for durability, but users can prolong the health and life of the drive by properly inserting the disc. The "R" in CD-R stands for "Recordable," and that means that the drive can write data to the disc. If a user inserts the disc incorrectly, the

Secure Your Imacs With Innovative Computer Locks

Is computer locks the only tactic to keep laptops or computers secured? While having CCTV cameras is indeed a good idea to keep your work place vandals proof, it isn’t the ideal solution considering the cost factor; expensive installation as well as recurring expenditure. Additionally, a CCTV

Buying Toshiba External Hard Drives

External hard drives have been around for a long time. But the majority of the old generation external hard drives were bulky, and although they could be carried around, they were not exactly portable.

How to Get Rid of Links in Favorites

The term "Favorites" applies to the Internet Explorer browser and Microsoft makes saving links nearly effortless. As you bring up hyperlinks in a search engine and click on links to browse Web pages on a website, the "Add to Favorites" option is always available on the right-click context menu. Howe