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How to Refinish Stag Pistol Grips

Stag pistol grips are compossed of animal bone. If you would like to refinish your stag pistol grips, you have two options. You can maintain the natural appearance by coating the grip with fresh varnish, or you can transform the grip entirely by coating it with the appropriate paint. Each refinishin

Take Into Account Fine Art Paintings for Sale

When you are consider to remodeling your room or home then it is important for you to consider fine art paintings for sale. It is not easy job for you to select fine art paintings ...

How to Make 3D Glasses With Red and Cyan

3D movies and television shows are on the rise, as of January 2011. There are several kinds of glasses that allow you to view television shows and movies in 3D, and you can make at least one of these kinds at home. The traditional red and cyan 3D glasses will allow you to watch special Super Bowl co

How to Spin Drumsticks Around Your Fingers

Though there is no musical purpose for spinning drumsticks. The art of drumstick spinning goes back to the earliest drummers and is used primarily for showmanship. Drumstick spinning, also known as twirling drumsticks, is a performance technique used by many drummers for effect, but it also is an un

Dutch Anime

Dutch anime fans will enjoy this little addition to our news site. Get the scoop here.

How to Hide by Camouflage

Camouflage is the art of concealing yourself in the background. Military personnel use this art to conduct stealth operations in the enemy's territory. Sometimes, kids camouflage themselves when playing hide and seek, so they are not found by the friend who is seeking them. To hide by camouflage, yo

How to Re-Paint a Guitar

Many famous guitarists, such as Jimi Hendrix, have personalized their guitars by re-painting them. This alteration can be simple to make, and if you take the proper precautions, you won't be in danger of damaging the guitar. Remember not to fill in any of the screw holes in the body of the guitar so

Painting Over a Previous Painting

You won't be the first or last artist to paint over a canvas already showcasing a work of art. Whether you're dissatisfied with a painting and want to start over, or have run out of canvases to display your art, you can repurpose used canvas for a new masterpiece. It doesn't matter if your canvas is

A Rare Glimpse Into The Pokemon Market

Pokemon today is composed of four main sectors: digital games, playing cards, animation, and stuffed animals. Demographically, roughly speaking, gamers tend to be a little older as they have more resources, card playing is very popular among the elementary school crowd as it is accessible, social, a

Get the Idea of Cosplay

Many people still do not understand what cosplay really is. Some people have fair idea about cosplay, but do know about it in detail. Anime characters which originated in Japan are really cute, adorable, handsome and beautiful and when someone dresses up like an anime character, it is called cosplay

How to Paint a Scarlet Tanager

Scarlet tanager birds make great subject matter for paintings with their bright red bodies and contrasting black wings. Ancient Chinese artists were masters at painting birds. Japanese painters carried on the tradition of depicting birds in their natural surroundings. Painting a scarlet tanager comb

How to Paint Over a Stained Porch Railing

Thanks to stain-blocking base coats, or primers, it's just as easy to paint over previously stained wood as it is to paint over wood containing an unsightly accidental stain. These stain-blocking primers form a protective barrier that will prevent an unsightly stain from bleeding through the repaint

How to Finish a Wooden Bowl

Wood represents one of nature's most beautiful products--which is why so many individuals choose to own home cooking products and decorations made from it. A versatile wooden bowl allows the owner the opportunity to decorate with the item, showing off the beautiful wood grain or using the bowl as a

How to Paint a Raw Wood Guitar

So you built your own solid body guitar out of raw wood and you want to paint it so it looks like it has a professional finish on it. Because guitars usually receive a moderate amount of abuse, you must seal the guitar with a polyester clear coat after you paint it. This is the only way you can get

Art Supplies Needed for Your Masterpiece

Talent, determination and skill are key ingredients to be an artist. But if you do not have the right instruments to aid you in making your masterpiece, then these key ingredients are all worthless. Art ...

How to Apply Glaze Paint to Furniture

Paint glaze gives furniture a rich, multidimensional look you won't get from traditional paint alone. Glaze helps the intricate details of wood furniture become more visible by adding contrast to the piece. Glaze alone will not provide coverage for the furniture -- the glaze is applied over paint or

How to Make Spiral Brushes

Creating brushes for Adobe Photoshop is useful for when you want a stamp of an image or shape that you use frequently. Creating a spiral brush will allow you to place spirals on any image by just left clicking once. Brushes also have many customization options, including a scattering feature. The sc

Oil Paint Methods

Oil paints are a popular art media used by many great artists from both the past and present. The different methods used for oil painting are almost endless, as every artist creates their own unique style. However, despite the many unique approaches to painting, there are still fundamental methods w

Family Portrait Ideas for Outside Beside Ponds

Outdoor settings offer many possibilities.family image by Pavel Losevsky from Fotolia.comFamily portraits don't have to be boring or stilted. There are many ways to capture the vibrancy and playfulness of your family, and an outdoor setting like a pond offers many different...