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Pheochromocytoma - What is This Tumor?

Pheochromocytoma is a kind of tumor, which has a possibility to be cancerous. Pheochromocytoma is a kind of tumor which is generally begun in the adrenal gland. Read more about this condition here in the article.

Supplements OK for Cancer Survivors?

Dietary supplement use among long-term cancer survivors aged 65 and older is very common, according to a new study. But researchers say the practice may pose risks.

Breast Cancer Symptoms - First Five Warning Signs

Having breast cancer is no longer the death sentence that it used to be. The medical profession has made some amazing strides in breast cancer detection and treatment options. However, the key to having the best chance of survival is early detection. That is why every woman owes it to herself and ne

Cancer Prevention: Our Very Best Anti Aging Serum

Cancer chemistry 101: Knowledge is power. And if we all understand some basic cancer chemistry, it empowers us to make more health centric lifestyle choices. Many times certain phrases are thrown around, we regurgitate them, but don't really understand... "why do I need to eat antioxidants

Coffee and Tea Do Not Increase Your Breast Cancer Risk

Moderate amounts of coffee and tea do not increase your risk for developing breast cancer. Caffeine in coffee and tea will cause fibrocystic breast lumps to swell, but that will not lead to breast cancer, either. Learn more about coffee and breast cancer.

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25 Myths And Facts About Cancer You Need To Know But No One Will Tell You

We are conditioned today to believe almost anything as long as the information comes from a trusted source. For instance we believe the curing and healing of a disease as a complicated science that is best left in the hands of our medical practitioners. Here are some facts about our number two kille

How to Kill Cancer

Cancer is caused by certain cells in the body that mutate or fail to form properly. Cancerous cells can manifest as benign or malignant tumors in the body, or the cells can multiply and eventually interfere with the body's normal cellular functions. Exposure to chemicals, electromagnetic radiation,

What Fruits Can Prevent Breast Cancer?

Introduction: nowadays, there are a lot of women troubled by breast cancer. In order to prevent this kind of disease, most women would rely on medical treatment, while few of them know that fruits also ...

Coffee & Cancer Facts

A regular cup of coffee contains a number of antioxidants that are good for health. Antioxidants are chemical compounds present in foods that help to shield the body from various toxins and can even be preventative in the development of cancer in the body.

What Is Extravasation?

Extravasation is a type of skin reaction that happens when medications leak outside of the vein.

Bilateral Mastectomy and Post Treatment Choice to Ditch Negativity

After breast cancer diagnosis and bilateral mastectomy sometimes change is indicated.Initially treatment and living are the primary focus. After that is time and space to re-evaluate what is important. Noticing the effect that complaining, whining and negativity had on me I realized there were new l

Recommended Diet for Cancer Patients to Follow

Experts believe that following a healthy diet for cancer can be used as an important component of cancer cure. A well-balanced diet and good nutrition give the body proper nutrients and energy required in this battle against the cancerous cells. Here are some general ideas that you can use today in