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Status Inconsistency In Human Resources

When individuals attend to their relative standing or status within a particular group or organization, the relevant dimension of status might be pay in one organization, authority level in a second, and technical expertise in a third. The factors that produce status obviously vary among groups of e

Secret Shopper Scams

There have been numerous scams over the years involving the Secret Shopping industry, which include advertisements that seek to attract applicants by offering lucrative pay and Secret Shopper Jobs. These ads will charge a "small fee" ranging from $20 to $50 for registration and promise you

How to Get a Job Writing Biology Textbooks

With its wide range of subject matter, the study of biology also offers diverse job opportunities. Scientists can move between seas and jungles with hands-on work in the field. Teachers can inspire students with meaningful experiments in real-life applications. Researchers can develop cures to disea

How to Monitor Employee Activity

Monitoring employee activity plays an important role in improving employee performance. Employers need to monitor employees because this helps to increase job productivity. The monitoring procedure should be lawful, and the employer should convey the policies used for monitoring in the employee's co

Morale Building Games

Morale is an important factor in the office.office 2 image by Omely from Fotolia.comIn any group setting, such as the office or the military, morale is important. Morale is the attitude of a group towards the work they are attempting. Positive morale keeps the group working in sync and...

Online Resumes for Onstage Professionals

If your agent has a stack of scripts lined up for you and youre doing Entertainment Tonight at seven, then read no further.If youre like a lot of aspiring actors trying to get noticed, this is for you.Learn how to use the Internet to provide a great resume and where to get it noticed.

Work Experience Helps Graduates Find Jobs

Employers increasingly want new recruits to be able to add value to their business straight away. Work placements and internships not only build your confidence, but also teach you a level of competence other graduates won't have without 'on the job' experience.

What is a Good Reason for Termination?

Never rush to judgment when you are considering termination. Don't be guided by your emotions! If you are, if may cost you a lot of money in the end.

How to Carry a Serving Tray

Many people get their first job in the restaurant industry and not always in fast-food establishments. Restaurant waitstaff is a high-turnover position, with the possibility of good income from tips. Your job as a waiter will be much easier if you learn how to handle a serving tray, whether it's emp

How to Be a Standout Transfer Applicant

According to the Princeton Review, many students decide to transfer schools for reasons that include a lack of happiness with their current school, a desire to attend a strong program in their area or a desire to enroll in a more credible school. Plan your transfer so the admissions committee will v

Personality assessment for Developing Leadership Strengths

The studies uncovered that companies embrace hardship to their staff.The need in professionals who can build a visionary scheme has increased significantly. Visionary leaders has to create and nurture a culture that encourages cooperative operation ...

Salary Ranges for Technicians

Technicians are technical experts in the scientific and medical fields who can perform tasks under the direction of senior personnel such as scientists and doctors. Educational requirements vary, but most specialties require a formal post-secondary training program and a state license or national ce

Questions for an Employment Background Check

More and more companies are conducting background checks on those they hire---and on those who who are already on the payroll. From a business perspective there are many valid reasons for conducting these background checks, including possible issues with legal liability should there be a problem w

What Is the Salary for a CertaPro Franchise Owner?

People who buy franchises are among those creating new American jobs---about 36,000 this year, according to the International Franchise Association. Ranked #93 in 2010 on the Franchise 500®, CertaPro Painters franchisees provide interior and exterior painting services for homes and businesses.

How To Increase Interactions Within Your Organization

Even online businesses need face-to-face meetings to solve problems, make new connections, train new talents, find vendors & distributors or just let people know of their products and services. The genius, Steve Jobs championed accidental meetings among his employees and made common halls, open cour