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The Best Blog Site for Marketing

When you have a blog of your own, naturally you hope that it is going to be seen by as many people as possible. The whole idea of having a blog in the first place is to share your thoughts and ideas w

Improve Your Blogging With These Tips

When it comes to blogging, simply learning the basics isn't enough. There are new developments each day and various ways of getting traffic to your blog are being discovered. To stay on top, you have to be proactive and should be constantly on the look out for ways to improve your blog, your bl

5 Steps to Start Making $1 a Day From Your Blog

The hardest part about making money from your blog is actually to start making money.The first major hurdle you need to jump is the $1 a day hurdle. Making that elusive $1 a day is much harder than people think, but I believe if you take these few simple steps you will be well on your way to making

How Online Journaling Is Changing News And Information Gathering Forever

Blogging and social networking are unchangeably connected in the sense that both include certain features and certain properties of one another. Together they are aimed at creating a wide movement as far as multimedia interaction is concerned. Nevertheless it is true that blogs can be private, the k

Video Blogging - Shaping the Future of Your Website

Blogs are very efficient way to get external links to your website.When you publish article, blog or PR, it should show up on your media partner portal as well as on its syndicating subscribers.The best way to get maximal number of links is article, which is by nature new knowledge or contribution t

5 Fun Twitter Apps to Help You Manage Your Busy Life

Twitter Apps are almost as fun as tweeting, itself. As new apps are being developed almost daily, it is clear that this micro-blogging platform intends to be here for the long-term. Hence, using Twitter apps that help enhance it is a great way to engage your tweeting friends.

Get Yourself Started in Blogging - The Right Way

As of September 2007, more than 106 million blogs have been tracked which makes one wonder just what blogging is.Blogging is that wonderful world where you can write your personal thoughts about what you think on any subject imaginable.

To Change the Results You Have Got to Tweak the Actions Taken

Most people have dreams but they don't achieve them, usually because they are not consistent in their goals and plans, but also, because they tend to stick to what they're comfortable in. However, if would like a change in the outcomes we get in life, be it in relationships, career or inco

5 Advantages of Blogging You Can't Ignore

If you haven't discover all the advantages of blogging yet you may be missing out.Did you know blogs are one of the most cost efficient advertising methods on the internet today?Read more to see how b

How to Change Username in Wordpress

Wordpress is popular blogging software used by many people for their online Web logs. Both experienced and inexperienced bloggers can quickly learn to navigate their way around the Wordpress platform and, in no time, they can create new blog posts, edit blog posts, field comments and maintain entire

How a Successful Blog Makes Readers Comfortable

Having a successful blog starts with offering interesting content which ultimately leads to return visitors!Of course visitors MUST feel comfortable when they land on your site!Read more to see 3 ways

Seven Ways to Find Great Blogging Topics

Oh no! You've run out of things to blog about. It happens to everyone at some point or another. Use these tips to find blogging topics you can writer about and get your blog back on track.

Build Your Blog With a Proper Strategy

Strategizing is the pillar of success. Working without a proper strategy is an indication towards a terrible failure unless you get lucky. Don't forget luck doesn't always knock on your door. If you are reading this article it means you have a passion for blogs. If you have a passion for b