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Charming Chennai Welcomes You!

The charming and the pleasing South, which perfectly reflects the opulent past of Indian history in its milieu has been a vacationer's favorite for ages. And one city of South India that has been thronged ...

Cuba - Travel Guide

Information on getting there and getting around, attractions, culture and history. To get into the tropical atmosphere of Cuba at its fiftieth. Among the American automobiles, the smoky bars of Havana, the effect is assured.

Charles De Gaulle Airport - Pride of Paris

Charles De Gaulle airport is one of the major airports situated in the north-east of Paris City. The airport boasts of three terminals, Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. The terminal 2 at the Charles De Gaulle airport is so big that it has been sub-divided into 7 parts and named from 2A to 2G.

What Are the Merits of Airport Transfers?

Airport transfers hold good lot of benefits under its ambit, and that is the reason why many international travellers love to go for such kinds of transfers. By any means, who would like to get ...

Yacht Charter Croatia

Croatia is located on the Adriatic Sea, complete opposite Italia, in the South Mediterranean sea. With a historical past going back over a million decades, it first made an appearance on the governmental map of ...

How to Become a Sailplane Tow Pilot

The role of a tow plane pilot involves towing gliders, also referred to as sailplanes, to an altitude where they can be released safely, allowing the glider pilot to glide back for a safe landing. While working as a tow plane pilot can help build flight time, the majority of pilots working in this c

Renting Jets Provides an Excellent Value

Waiting in line to check in at the airport, the harried business executive discovers that her flight has been delayed, meaning that she will be late for an important business meeting.Using commercial airlines can be unproductive if your time is very valuable in terms of the work you do.With delayed

Don’T Overpack

Chronic overpacking for trips can cause problems on a trip that otherwise was planned well by carefully reviewing cheap travel options, such as cheap airplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages. All is ...

Catch of Some Popular India Tourism Destinations

India is one of the popular destination spots all across the globe because of the diversified culture, rich heritage and variety in religions, language and the fantastic architecture. India tourism has played a major role ...

Canadian Air Travel Rules

By following the imposed rules, passengers will pass through customs faster.Jupiterimages/liquidlibrary/Getty ImagesCanadian air travel rules are created to make pre-flight screening a stress-free experience. By following the imposed rules, passengers will pass through customs faster,...

Items That Cannot Be Placed in Luggage

Properly packing luggage helps save time and hassle when boarding a plane. Certain items are not allowed in carry-on luggage, while others are not allowed at all. Not knowing what the Transport Security Administration (TSA) prohibits can result in having to repack items or in having to leave them be

Things You Need to Consider When Purchasing Sea Planes

Landing and taking off planes from open water bodies sounds adventurous. If you are one such adventurous person then you need to consider sea aircrafts as another investment. Purchasing a sea plane is not an everyday affair and so you need to be very careful while making such an investment. Imagine

How To Get Cheap International Airfares

Buying cheap international air tickets can be challenging at times in terms of getting the best possible cheap airfares. If you really do not know how and where to buy the airline tickets you might ...

Air Ticket Booking Secrets Revealed

In recent times, of the ease inside the procedures involved in air ticket booking, far more and far more folks are willing to fly by air. Moreover, the quantity of players in this field have increased, which has led to a sharp fall inside the prices of airfares.

Air Travel Is Now Safer Than Ever Before

In past years, people have been terrified to fly due to certain events. They just don't trust their lives to large, flying hunks of metal. At least that's how they thought. However, more and more people are coming back to embrace flying as the ultimate way to get from point A to point B. I

The Middle East Airline Sector Challenged By Arab Spring and Sectarian Violence

When everyone was cheering on the Egyptian Arab Spring, I easily foresaw the challenges ahead. For instance, a large part of the GDP of Egypt comes from tourism and travel. Most people would like to see the pyramids before they die, especially here at home in America, but after all the civil unrest,

How to Calculate Frequent Flier Miles

Enrolling in a frequent flier miles program with your choice of airline earns miles, or points, for every flight you take on that airline. There is no limit to how many of these free programs you can enroll in. Each time you complete a flight, you will receive one point for each mile flown during th