How To Boost Your Income From Your Webpages

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Vertical ad networks offer a target-rich environment for organizations seeking solid platforms for implementing their contextual advertising campaigns. In the vertical ad network model, marketers target online readers who have interests in niche markets. is an example of vertical ad network that offer contextual advertising services to organizations dealing with wedding segment. The vertical ad network model, when run properly, will benefit all entities--content creators, advertisers, and visitors--participating in online conversations.

In a recently released study report, comScore notes the increase in the proportion of American Internet audience using vertical ad networks to about 57 percent. Vertical ad networks target specific groups of Internet users with unique interests. For instance, focuses on serving the wedding market; Wedding adopts an open media model for aggregating wedding related content from independent publishers.

Vertical ad networks are online advertising networks that have a particular content focus. They aggregate a collection of sites together that have an affinity with one another. This provides advertisers meaningful reach in Long tail and Middle tail publishers - without the uncertainty of a vast collection of unknown and dissimilar sites (as in the case of Horizontals). They also give the advertiser the comfort of context as well as target.

According to recent studies, WeddingAdserver gets about 50 million visitors every month. SAB Networks president Amit says marketers and different market segments can benefit from the vertical ad network model by effectively adapting it to target their audiences.

Wedding Ad Server ( is an online advertising representation firm acting as sales force for lots of wedding publishers in the online media marketplace.

Wedding Ad Server is specifically designed for small to medium size wedding-related websites looking to improve and monetize their online traffic and will offer significant value and unparalleled reach to a lucrative bridal demographic for advertisers. Wedding Ad Server provide commission up to 90%. Advertisers in the network increase conversion rates, ROI and visibility by targeting the niche within the wedding vertical it is looking to satisfy.

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