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Do you crave for golden brown tan? Do you also complain for not having enough time for natural tanning sessions? Well, a safe as well as lasting tan can be attained successfully by spending an hour under the sun. But in the present busy lifestyles, it really becomes a tough to job to spare an hour in the morning for tanning. Herein, modern tanning products and equipments come as a one shot solution to all tanning fans.

Tanning beds, for example, have brought a sheer revolution in the tanning industry. With the help of tanning beds it has now become quite possible to get the desired tan in a very little time. You no longer need to waste your time on suntan. A concerted effort by tanning beds and tanning solutions offer you same tan color with same glow that is associated with natural tanning.

These tanning beds are usually available in two broad genres. These include commercial tanning beds and home tanning beds. Commercial tanning beds are found in tanning salons and spas spread across the country. While home tanning beds are made to suit individual tanning needs.

Commercial tanning beds are highly powered and are able to bear the rough handing in the salons. These tanning beds count high on durability. There are two types of commercial tanning beds: vertical tanning beds and horizontal tanning beds.

Tanning booth is the other name given to vertical tanning beds. You are just needed to step inside the booth to offer yourself the radiation. Usually radiations in commercial tanning beds are of UVA type. These commercial tanning beds consist of high pressure lamps.

Horizontal beds too come with same qualities. These beds are priced higher than home tanning beds. While undergoing tanning with the help of these commercial tanning beds, you are needed to use specialized tanning solutions. In fact in a tanning salon your body is first massaged with this SPF formula lotion and then you are made to lie on the tanning bed.

Commercial purpose tanning beds come with certain additional features that are usually not found in home tanning beds. These beds are equipped with facility of providing different levels of tanning to all types of customers. Therefore the range of varying intensity of radiation is much wider in commercial beds than the home tanning beds.

With the help of commercial tanners you can attain tan color in lesser time than that of home tanners. They are in fact designed to serve the quick need at a tanning salon. However, these commercial beds are not necessarily needed for individuals need.

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