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Beyond The Law of Attraction - Accessing The Limits of Your Mind

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What lies beyond the law of attraction? What is the meaning and purpose of the universe? Why does it work the way that it does? These are questions that human-kind will ponder for as long as we are aware of ourselves.
No one may ever fully know the truth or understand the depths of universal mind.
However, I believe we are all much more connected than it seems! Looking at the growth of our species, and witnessing the wonders and disasters we are capable of creating, it is easy to see the potential we possess.
As we evolve and mature mentally and emotionally we begin to look beyond the law of attraction into the implications that this power brings.
At first blush, it would seem that this power should be regulated to a select few.
That those few who demonstrate an acute ability and recognition of the use of the law of attraction should naturally be risen into the upper echelons of human society.
That this power is too dangerous to be given freely to the masses of childish minds lost in the daily struggle for survival.
I believe this to be wrong.
Because the truth is EVERYONE possesses the same capacity to become aware of themselves, and their power, and ultimately to choose how they use it.
The problem with keeping it a "secret" is that we all already use it whether we want to or not! It is like blind-folding every person in the world because you feel it would be too dangerous for them to see it.
I've always been a believer in cross-training.
To me, it just makes sense that the more mature mentally and emotionally we are collectively as a species, the better.
There is no limit to what we can create and accomplish, so what is there to fear? If everyone discovered tomorrow that their beliefs are the limiting factors in their lives would that cause a world-wide panic? Or would it allow for the first time the entire world to overcome their boundaries and forge new, enabling belief systems, which would carry over into a bold new renaissance of thought.
Perhaps it would take some time for the growing pains to subside and old wounds to heal first.
But one thing I can't help but think is, what if everyone was taught the law of attraction when they were young? If we had all been taught what you are now learning from the onset of our intelligent lives, how different would the world be today? What possibilities would exist as a result! It's not hard to see that beyond the horizon of the law of attraction echo the limitless realities of a boundless world.
One in which we each have a hand in creating.
Beyond the law of attraction we see the beauty of universal mind.
We begin to understand how deeply rooted and connected we all are.
We are all made up of energy and exist in the same energy pool.
We all share the same potential for using this energy to create and destroy.
We all, in essence, are ONE and exist as separate perspectives of experience.
To discover, create, explore, and cherish all that is.
There is far more to this universe than I or anyone could ever possibly understand.
But there are also truths that cannot be denied.
Beyond the law of attraction is the truth that our growth far exceeds that of our bodies.
Our mental and emotional growth must continue for as long as we exist.
Not only does this fact determine the depth of wealth and prosperity we feel individually, but it also affects everyone around us.
For each of us to experience limitless abundance, freedom, and happiness is not only possible, but mandatory, if we are to continue the evolution of our species.
Our future depends not on the genius minds amongst us, the privileged, or the powerful.
It depends on US.
Each one of us individually focused and in tune with the same concept of positive thought and emotion.
Only when we abandon our childish and lazy mental habits of hatred and anguish will we be able to "save" ourselves.
We must choose to rescue ourselves from our own negative inclination, for nothing can hurt you but yourself.
Beyond the law of attraction awaits the stars and salvation promised from birth.
Carried by the winds of your inner mind.
All the power of the universe.
It is a fragile gift, and must be loved and handled carefully.
Admire it with eyes of wonder and GRATITUDE.
And watch in amazement as your dreams take flight.
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