How to Get an Entry Level Copywriter Position

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    • 1). Apply for a bachelor's degree program at a university. This is generally the education level needed for entry level copywriters.

    • 2). Major in English, writing, communications, journalism or advertising. These majors will prepare you to work as an entry level copywriter.

    • 3). Complete an internship in writing while earning your degree. Talk with your adviser or career center about internship programs through your university.

    • 4). Work for your school literary magazine or newspaper while earning your degree. This will get you started with your writing portfolio.

    • 5). Create a professional writing portfolio once you earn your degree. The portfolio should include writing clips from your job at the school newspaper or magazine and writing samples from your internship. Class assignments related to copywriting can also be added.

    • 6). Continue to build your portfolio while you look for work as a copywriter. It is your most important job search tool. Volunteer to write articles and copy for local charities and nonprofit organizations. You can also write for small or startup businesses in your area for free or for very small fees.


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