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7 Vital Steps to Manifest Your Destiny

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No matter if your life is in dire straights or simply irritable. You have the power and ability to move beyond your current circumstances and run to the finish line!

Plus continue to run circles around all challenges in all the marathons of your life.

Practice these daily steps to your ultimate life dreams, and you will see dramatic results.

1. Say 'Thank You' for all that you have and all you ever will be.

Always say 'Thank You'.

Find as many different languages as you can or want to, and say 'Thank You' in all of them.

Make up your own word for 'Thank You'. Listen to the sound of it as you say it. Feel how it sounds to you.

How does it make you feel? Where do you feel it in your body?

2. Say 'I Love You' out loud and inside your head to everyone you meet and everyone you know. All the time or as often as you can.

No matter whether you are grocery shopping and say it inside your head to the shopping assistant,

Or, out with your lover at a fine restaurant.

'I Love You' enables harmonious connections to grow between you and everyone you meet. Especially those that you have 'unstable' relationships with.

In other words, say 'I Love You' to your worst enemy, for as long as it takes, and see the relationship change between you.

3. Get invigorated! Get moving!

Your body is your temple.

If your body is sitting there like a rotten log, it's not much use for you to enjoy your life.

Let alone Master Your Destiny.

Your body is the vehicle which drives you on to your goals. Would you hop on a rotten log and try to use it to fly?

Get energized!

4. Reach the inner still point of your mind.

What for?

This keeps your whole self synchronized with the goals and dreams you want to achieve. Normally practiced through meditation and specific postures over countess years by Indian Masters and other Indigenous people's; there are many way ways to speed this process up with current technology.

You do need to be aware of the many frauds and hoaxes online with some of these - so I do suggest The Morry Method (see reference below), as a genuine counterpart.

5. Then we come to goal setting as a basis for designing your destiny.

If the world is your oyster, then goal setting is your tooth pick (for getting the oysters out of the shell).

Picture yourself crafting and excellent quality product to an awe inspired crowd.

Did you whip this little gem out of the laundry?

Or did you put some mental powers into: planning, designing, measuring, assessing and finally putting practice into action?

Specific, measurable, action orientated, reachable, and time dated goals are required to substantially achieve the mark.

View it as doing the most magnificent artwork. The most pleasurable part is when you are actually crafting the design and putting it to the test. The results later are for the audience's pleasure.

You move on to the next goal.

6. Look after your health.

Yes, I talked about exercise before.

Now I'm talking about - watch what you eat!

And yes, you can literally watch it too.

Is it like a dead lump that look like it wouldn't move if the wind blew on it? - then it is probably better off out of your mouth.

Is it strangely colored, like, you do not know how anything edible could possibly be that color? (apart form flowers and some berries): like fleuro green? - then it's probably better off out of your mouth.

You say, what can you eat then - there's nothing left!

Good question.

If it grew on a plant - it's probably edible (excluding poisonous plants).

If it was derived from natural sources and thereafter left intact - it's probably edible.

If it was derived from natural sources and lightly processed (ie. Juiced, fermented.) - it's probably edible.

There you go!

Now you know pink, purple and blue lollies 'may' be hazardous to your health.

7. Finally, but not least:

How many times have you talked about your past and how 'bad' things were then.

Or, about how it is now and how 'bad' things are now.

STOP! Rewind!!

Try one of these things or both if you please.

1) Find all the 'good things' about your past and present you can think of.

Put it down in writing.

There are absolute gems in most any type of disaster.

Then and also, speak aloud about all the 'good things' that are happening to you, have happened to you, and will happen to you.

2) Speak about your goals (as in step #5.), like it's already happened to you.

You've already been doing it.

Already been enjoying it.

You are already A Master Of Your Destiny!

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