How to Make Slip-On Tattoo Art

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    • 1). Cut the foot from the nylon pantyhose in preparation for arm slip-ons. Leave the nylon pantyhose as is for the making of leg slip-ons.

    • 2). Wear the nylon pantyhose while decorating the slip-ons to draw designs that flow naturally with the body shape for authentic looking tattoo art. Put on a long sleeved shirt for arm slip-ons or tight leggings for leg slip-ons. Slide the nylon pantyhose over the clothing. Adjust the nylon pantyhose over the arm or leg in the position it will be worn.

    • 3). Draw an outline of tattoo art designs onto the pantyhose using the fabric paint markers. Move in a slow motion to create smooth, long lines. Plastic stencils can be used to trace specific tattoo art designs. Color in the outlines of the designs with the fabric paint markers as well.

    • 4). Pull down the pantyhose carefully when it is has been completely decorated. Hang the pantyhose on a clothes hanger and allow to dry completely before wearing.

    • 5). Slide the dry nylon pantyhose up the arm or leg, without the clothing barrier underneath. The thigh portion of the nylon pantyhose need to be cut off before wearing the arm slip-on.


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